Surface Adsorption Qualities of Albumin

The Surface Covering Ability of Albumin

The surface adsorption qualities of albumin mean that it is predisposed to coat both hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces [1]. In the past, albumin has been utilized to coat surfaces of medical instruments to expand their biocompatibility.

Studies have found that spontaneously formed albumin coverage is in the order of a single albumin molecule deep with only 1-2 mg of albumin necessary to coat 1 m² of surface. This characteristic can be beneficial in low dose high potency drugs, where the dose could be challenging to manage because of its surface adsorption during production, handling, and storage.

An additional benefit of albumin coating surfaces is hindrance of surface-induced unfolding and API aggregation events that can lead to loss of efficacy and safety issues.

Protection Against Surface Adsorption

Remaining attached over time, Recombumin® recombinant human albumin (rAlb) works to protect against drug adsorption due to its own adsorption to hydrophobic and hydrophilic surfaces. The coverage of the surface is generally accomplished in just a mono layer of Recombumin®.

This point is illustrated below by the increased recovery of drug from a vial when albumin is added to the formulation because of reduced surface adsorption of the protein TGF-β3 to the vial surface.


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