Prevention of Oxidation

Due to a free thiol group, and several methionines, Recombumin® recombinant human albumin (rAlb) has a great anti-oxidation ability which enables Recombumin® to preserve biopharmaceuticals against modification as a result of oxidation. Recombumin® does so by scavenging free radicals when in formulation.

This is illustrated below by the reduced level of oxidation seen with increasing concentrations of Recombumin® for the malaria vaccine candidates MSP2 3D7 and MSP2 FC27.  The level of oxidation was measured by analysing tryptic digests using LC/MS for methionine and cysteine oxidation after H₂O₂ stress.


The Oxidation Protection Capability of Albumin

Stemming from the free thiol moiety of cysteine 34, this unpaired cysteine residue, present in its reduced form, can become oxidized rather than the API when put under oxidative stress [1]. The thiol of cysteine 34 is located in a cleft in the albumin protein. This protects it from larger molecules and specifically prevents albumin from binding to itself while the solvent can still access the cysteine. Here it reacts and scavenges the oxidative free radicals.

The free thiol content of commercial albumin can change according to the manufacturing process and source making, these important to consider.  Commonly, rAlb has a greater free thiol content as opposed to plasma sourced albumin that is naturally oxidized and cysteinylated within the blood.

Albumedix has a long history of working with albumin and has spent many years optimizing its manufacturing process leading to (among other benefits) one of the highest levels of free thiol on the market compared to other recombinant and plasma sourced albumins.


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