Disposable Gloves: Why Ergonomic Design is Important

Problems facing disposable glove users

  • Muscle exertion
  • Pain and injury
  • Hand fatigue
  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost productivity

Hand fatigue is a serious issue

The nerves, muscles, and tendons in workers’ hands, wrists and arms are susceptible to strain when they perform tedious, demanding, or repetitive tasks. When someone wears a glove that restricts movement, they have to exert more muscle effort to perform tasks, thereby increasing the risk of strain which can result in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The combined cost of medical expenses, lost production and wages, and worker’s compensation as a result of hand injuries can be a sizable financial toll on employers and individuals.

The solution is ERGOFORMTM certified gloves

ERGOFORMTM is a new technology that allows Ansell to design hand protection to support musculoskeletal health during repetitive tasks and enhance worker performance.

Ansell accomplishes this by measuring the toll of occupational activities and applying cutting-edge technologies to create single use gloves that, when compared with barehanded and/or competitors’ gloves, have improved comfort, dexterity, and fit.

A product with ERGOFORMTM certification has been scientifically proven to supply measurable improvements in worker comfort, fit and productivity while decreasing the risk factors associated with ergonomic injury. Ansell is the only disposable glove manufacturer to supply ergonomically certified gloves.

Disposable Gloves: Why Ergonomic Design is Important

Lab tests indicate that wearing Microflex® 93-833 can reduce muscle effort exerted by some muscles when performing certain tasks. Above results are for tests of interosseous hand muscle effort measured during 30 seconds of pipetting when wearing Microflex® 93-833 glove vs. barehanded. Image Credit: Ansell

Selecting ERGOFORMTM certified gloves

Ansell single-use glove products which are currently ERGOFORMTM certified are:

  • TouchNTuff® 73-300
  • TouchNTuff® 73-500
  • MICROFLEX® 93-833
  • MICROFLEX® 73-847

About Ansell

For over a century, Ansell has delivered the most advanced protection solutions to millions of people…at work, at home and in harm’s way.

In 1905, Eric Ansell recognized an opportunity when his employer was looking to dispose of some manufacturing equipment. With this discarded machinery, he founded what was to become the Ansell Rubber Company, initially a balloon & condom company that eventually expanded into surgical, household and work gloves.

In the years since, millions of people have come to rely on Ansell’s innovative products and safety solutions to protect them at home or on the job. The same dedication to quality and innovation that started with Eric Ansell, continues today, as Ansell has grown to serve 25 global industries in 120 countries in ways that shape and protect our modern world.

Ansell is SAFETY. We protect the most valuable asset of any company — its people."

Magnus Nicolin, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer



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