Using Artificial Intelligence to Detect Tonsillitis

Using an App to Detect Tonsillitis

Image Credit: Aetsoft

In 2020, coronavirus made healthcare institutions work at their limits and has paralyzed the global economy. As millions of people are at the risk of catching a lethal disease, the ongoing global environment has shown that health is the only vital asset.

Yet, all hospitals are overcrowded with the ill, they are unable to receive prominent treatment or at least receive timely testing. Whilst COVID-19 is in the spotlight as a hazard to mankind, there are thousands of other diseases that should be diagnosed and cured.

One of the most widespread diseases in the world is tonsillitis. The symptoms of tonsillitis include; fast inflammation of the tonsils diagnosed after fever, sore throat, trouble swallowing, enlargement of the tonsils, and large lymph nodes around the neck caused by a viral, bacterial infection, which is passed between people through the air.

These signs are among the key symptoms of coronavirus, making it particularly crucial to identify possible contagion in an accurate and timely way. As a result of the global lockdown, attending a doctor for diagnosis is not always possible.

Many IT companies now work on developments that can help fight diseases. An example of how this is carried out by Aetsoft is outlined below. Aetsoft developed the Tonsillitis Detection Application, or TDA, to recognize potential cases of tonsillitis.

They follow altruistic values dedicating their research and development to healthcare solutions. TDA is a mobile application that was developed on the basis of an artificial intelligence neural network.

A user can install the app onto a smartphone and take a photo of their mouth. Next, the application processes the taken image, comparing it to a medical database of images to identify inflammation, since the disease is medically confirmed by a throat swab or rapid strep test.

Upon its launch, the application will possess a dataset of 100,000 images of throats inflamed with tonsillitis of different types. Neural networks of TDA and AI algorithms are self-educative, meaning that they will learn from what and how they process information based on user and app supervisor feedback.

Diagnosis accuracy will increase along with reliable dataset growth. Tonsillitis Detection App provides recommendations on effective treatment at the same time, with basic steps for further care and medications. The application adds new research data to its data pool for further self-education once processing has finished.

In the situation of medical unavailability, TDA is one of the most helpful digital instruments that can assist with disease detection and treatment.

About Aetsoft

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