OHAUS Supports the Fight Against Covid-19

Researchers and scientists across the globe are working hard to study the coronavirus; striving to trace, understand, and ultimately develop treatments and a cure.

OHAUS Supports the Fight Against Covid-19

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In order to achieve these goals, scientists and researchers must have access to reliable laboratory equipment and precision weighing instruments. OHAUS has a vital role to play in the provision of this equipment.

The pandemic has created numerous, far-reaching challenges, but OHAUS remains committed to laboratories reliant on the company’s products. Throughout the pandemic, OHAUS has been a dependable supplier of precise products; offering quality customer service and efficient distribution while ensuring the safety of customers and employees.

Furthermore, OHAUS has been working closely with customers and suppliers to explore various product enhancements, aiming to further help support the fight against COVID-19.

OHAUS Supports the Fight Against Covid-19

Image Credit: OHAUS Corporation

Tracking COVID-19 through wastewater

Research is underway in many parts of the world to successfully detect the coronavirus in municipal wastewater. Scientists in Australia and Europe have studied communal wastewater samples, resulting in a number of interesting findings. Canada, the U.S. and other countries are also planning to explore wastewater as a means of identifying COVID-19 over the coming months.

Testing wastewater samples from sewage is not a new concept, and this approach has been used in the past to track anything from infections to drug abuse.

Studying wastewater to confirm the presence of COVID-19 in communities could provide advance warning of where a second wave is likely to occur, enabling communities to take timely additional social prevention measures if these are deemed appropriate.

OHAUS Supports the Fight Against Covid-19

Image Credit: OHAUS Corporation

Specialized teams including government officials, scientists, and water management administrators are being established in cities around the world in order to investigate samples from local sewer systems.

Communal wastewater is actually believed to be a more reliable means of disease detection than traditional tests. While individual testing may require a two-week incubation period prior to Coronavirus appearing, by analyzing urine and feces in wastewater, the virus can be detected after around three days.

Expert teams in Hungary are currently conducting a multi-phase survey. During phase one they investigated wastewater changes in nine Hungarian cities over a five-month period.

The researchers took new samples every two weeks from within the affected settlements. The researchers believe that analysis of wastewater may be a valuable tool for monitoring hot spots and signaling the re-emergence of infection.

OHAUS Supports the Fight Against Covid-19

Image Credit: OHAUS Corporation

This project is being run from the city of Nagykanizsa. The research is supported by MOL - one of the biggest corporations in Hungary - and Pannon University - one of the largest colleges in the country. These two organizations have supported this research through the provision of free lab space, while OHAUS has assisted this project through the supply of discounted precision equipment.

Testing is undertaken in accordance with stringent government and industry standards, and in line with current World Health Organization recommendations. The core goal of this work is to successfully display RNA or DNA that has actually been obtained from the samples.

Useful samples will be infected with COVID-19, meaning that strict laboratory safety measures are imperative. Scientists working in the lab wear full PPE; for example, hats, gloves, face shields and foot coverings. Additionally, all equipment in use must be easy to sanitize and clean - thankfully all OHAUS scales and lab equipment meet these criteria.

The company is honored to be able to play a small, yet vital part of this ongoing, global endeavor.

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