Hei-Torque Precision 100: Providing Solutions for Polymer Synthesis

The situation

When performing polymerization reactions, one particular company frequently uses round bottom flasks. The polymerization reactions are of a viscous nature and demand significant levels of torque in order to synthesize appropriately.

The reactions performed tend to be exceptionally diverse, which results in the necessity for multiple forms of flow, from reaction to reaction. This process demands a stirrer that can facilitate a wide range of different impeller types.

The reactions can take anywhere from six hours and two days due to the fact the polymers being synthesized have extended run times. Due to the changing viscosity of the polymers, conventional overhead stirrers cannot keep up with this length of run time without maintenance.

Using a viscometer, the process endpoint is constantly monitored as the viscosity must be checked round the clock to know when the process is complete. The company requires a simplified way of knowing what stage of the process the reaction is in, as well as an enhanced method of data collection to track each of the stages of reaction.

The objective

The end user requires an overhead stirrer that can function in volumes of 100 mL to 2 L and across temperatures ranging between 150-200 C. What is more, the stirrer must be able to withstand varying levels of torque which will fluctuate over extended periods of time.

The stirrer must have the capacity to run a range of impellers to ensure the diversity of the polymer reactions is met. An appropriate data collection process is necessary, as is process monitoring for the torque levels; ideally, the stirrer would have a visual method for distant monitoring of the process.

The results

Heidolph provided the Hei-Torque precision 100, which possesses 100 Ncm of torque and has the capacity to fit the necessary range of impellers and vessel sizes.

Supplying high levels of torque appropriate for the polymer synthesis process, the Hei-Torque overhead stirrer is certified for continual 24/7 operation over alternating viscosities: this made it fit perfectly, aligning it with the nature of polymers and the lengthy reaction times typically observed.

The Precision model of the Hei-Torque 100 offers the end user a torque display on the screen, enabling consistent monitoring that reveals when the viscosity of the reaction has changed. Using the free Hei-Control software, all data can be logged, putting an end to manual data logging.

The customer’s feedback: “Excellent overhead mixers.”

About Heidolph North America

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Heidolph specializes in both benchtop and industrial rotary evaporation, making distillation more efficient, and in turn allowing the researcher’s focus to be their research.

Heidolph’s product lineup includes a full range of chemistry and biology tools designed to increase lab productivity, including but not limited to overhead stirrers, magnetic stirring hotplates, and shakers.

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