A Targeted Nutritional Supplement Proves to Aid Persistent Fatigue in Post-COVID Patients

Many studies have demonstrated that the Coronavirus infection can result in long- and medium-term effects, often known as ‘long-COVID’ or ‘chronic COVID syndrome.’

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Fatigue, or persistent tiredness, is one of the most common symptoms and may last for months following the end of the infection. This condition has impacted people who have had both mild and severe infections and has been found in people of all ages.

A recent study involving 200 patients in Italy suffering from post-Covid fatigue had the patients take nutritional supplement Apportal® (PharmaNutra SpA, Italy) for 28 consecutive days.

The supplement includes phytoextracts and amino acids and also contains minerals and vitamins that help to reduce tiredness. Quality of life and degree of fatigue was measured for each patient three times, at 0, 14 and 28 days, while taking the supplement.

The FACIT-Fatigue questionnaire was used to quantify the degree of fatigue. This questionnaire was chosen to assign an objective fatigue value to the long-COVID patients experiencing persistent tiredness. The questionnaire has been used in many previous studies.

This questionnaire is made up of 13 statements relating to ability to perform everyday tasks, sleep needs during the day, energy and tiredness.

In order to understand the patients’ experiences with mental fatigue, a second questionnaire created by re-adapting the Chalder Fatigue Scale was used. These questions asked about memory, ability to concentrate and interest in activities performed before the infection.

The study was done with the assistance of general practitioners across Italy and included a wide age range of patients. Patients were also included no matter the severity of their previous infection or which variant of the virus they had had.

The study is currently in its final phase and analysis of the preliminary results are showing that taking Apportal® improved patients’ quality of life and reduced their sensation of persistent fatigue.

The data obtained through the use of the FACIT-Fatigue Test for the first 100 patients showed that 95% of patients found taking the supplement over 28 days provided a significant benefit. This information is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Percentage of persons showing improvements in the sensation of fatigue and tiredness 28 days after taking Apportal. Image Credit: PharmaNutra S.p.A.

The score indicating their sensation of fatigue also improved by 64% and there was a difference in the impact of the supplement depending on sex. Women suffered ‘more severe’ initial fatigue but, using the modified Chalder test, showed a greater improvement in terms of mental fatigue. This is shown in Figure 2. This is congruent with previously published data and related literature, which show a higher degree of fatigue for women who have recovered from the Covid infection.

Figure 2. Percentage of persons showing an improvement in the mental fatigue questionnaire after 14 and after 28 days according to sex. Image Credit: PharmaNutra S.p.A.

Additionally, patients over the age of 60 who showed improvements after the first 14 days recovered rapidly.

As the data from this study continues to be analyzed, it is likely that it could be the first to present a valid remedy for the debilitating problem of chronic fatigue, which persists for months after recovering from Sars-Cov-2.

Further studies will be needed to confirm these preliminary results. However, it is important to build an understanding of the issue of long-Covid and to understand how to give nutritional and other support to patients suffering from this condition.

Currently, it appears that targeted nutritional approaches are effective, and the synergies of components of supplements like Apportal® could be incredibly valuable for assisting in recovery of persistent fatigue for post-Covid patients.

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