Simulator training and education

Residency programs must systematically integrate regular simulation training into their courses.

The time and cost of getting trainees up to the best possible standard can be reduced by using simulators in training.

Accelerate company training

  • Training simulators offer residents an opportunity to make mistakes and test boundaries in a risk-free hands-on experience.
  • Residents can train with realistic graphics and original instruments to allow for a smooth transfer of skills from the simulator to the OR.
  • Residents develop their basic arthroscopy skills with step-by-step instructions before they are guided through therapeutic and diagnostic cases, which become increasingly complex.

Help trainees to achieve their goals

  • Residents’ skills are objectively assessed to help them achieve benchmarks and targets. Trainees can ensure that they achieve a pre-set level of proficiency before even entering the OR.
  • Courses can be used to help students reach benchmarks, or they are able to liaise closely with VirtaMed and create market-leading courses of their own.
  • Students can be provided with detailed feedback reports after every procedure they perform, which can help to rapidly identify areas for improvement.

A more economic way to train!

  • Residents that have regular access to a simulator are reported to reach defined proficiency levels faster, meaning that they get into the OR sooner.
  • Residents who are first trained on a simulator complete procedures faster once they are in the OR - with more accurate results.
  • Residents can focus on learning much more complex skills in the OR, as they have already mastered the basics prior to the OR.

Getting started

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