Neutrophil study for cancer therapies with BioVision's research tools

Despite advances in treatment and reduced mortality rates, cancer remains the second leading cause of death in the United States.

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Current cancer therapies aim to stimulate the adaptive immune system to attack tumor tissues by utilizing innovative approaches, such as biosimilar antibodies and chimeric antigen receptor T cells, as well as other innovations.

These approaches utilize an immune response against cancer, but this still needs to leverage the innate immune system – a consideration often overlooked in the search for increasingly effective tumor therapies.

Neutrophils are part of the polymorphonuclear cell family, which makes up most of the white blood cells in circulation.

Neutrophils are a key factor in the innate immune response and quickly travel to injury and infection sites to stimulate the inflammatory response. Neutrophils have also been shown to kill cancer cells in certain contexts.

Neutrophils' potential as a tumor therapy is still being investigated, and until recently, the mechanism by which neutrophils kill cancer cells remained unknown.

A recent study has shown that human neutrophil elastase (ELANE) demonstrated the ability to selectively kill many cancer cell types without affecting non-cancer cells.

It was discovered that ELANE is released by the neutrophils prior to being taken up by the cancer cells via receptor-mediated endocytosis. Once internalized, the ELANE cleaves the CD95 intracellular death domain, inducing DNA damage and triggering cell death.

The ELANE-driven mechanism also seemed to leverage the adaptive immune system to enhance tumor cell elimination.

This exciting new phenomenon has opened new avenues in neutrophil research. BioVision offers a diverse array of life science research products, including assay kits, ELISA kits, biochemicals, proteins, antibodies and a range of other reagents.

BioVision also offers a wide choice of research products aimed at cancer research. These products have been specifically designed to help scientists highlight the potential links between innate immunity and its capacity to improve protection against cancer.

BioVision's product portfolio features:

  • Rapid, convenient and straightforward kits for neutrophil elastase activity and inhibitor screening
  • Highly sensitive neutrophil ELISA kits
  • Active elastase enzymes, inhibitors and substrates
  • Extremely pure recombinant proteins and antibodies
  • Bulk order provision
  • Fast worldwide shipping

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