What are the benefits of Irish Life Sciences' new 2.2 mL square well 'V' bottom plate?

Irish Life Sciences has developed a new 2.2 mL square well 'V' bottom plate (2.2S96-011V). The Deep well storage/collection plate has been developed to be a suitable alternative to other well-known brands and has a well depth of 41.3 mm.

The base of the well has been designed to have excellent surface contact, improving the performance of the process and ensuring a good fit in heater-shaker blocks.

The 2.2S96-011V deep well storage plate has a working volume of 2.2 mL and a total volume of 2.4 mL per well. The plate is molded from a medical-grade polymer free from additives in Class 8 cleanrooms.

The deep well plate can also be used on Kingfisher® platforms (2.2S96-011VKF) when ordered with notches on the sidewall.

The development of this plate means it precisely conforms to the footprint dimensions defined by SLAS/ANSI standards. This confirmation assures that it is compatible with both automated and manual microplate washers, readers and sample handling systems.

It is easy to use in plate and automation hotels because of the stacking features of the storage plate make; it has a two-plate stack height of 86.00 mm. The plate is equipped with high levels of automation and molded in an ISO Class 8 cleanroom, resulting in a repeatable and economical, high-quality product.

There has been independent confirmation that the 2.2 mL square-well 'V' bottom plate is free from pyrogen, RNase and DNase. It is additionally available as a sterile product following irradiation processing.

The Irish Life Sciences 2.2 ML square well 'V' bottom plate uses a medical-grade polypropylene to mold the plate, which is one of the key benefits of the product.

There are very low concentrations of extractable elements to affect analysis because of the absence of biocides, slip agents and plasticizers, placing it ahead of the collection plates and deep well storage from other competitors when assessed on Time-of-Flight LC-MS instruments.

There is excellent resistance to temperatures and chemicals because of the medical-grade polymer used for the collection plates and deep well storage. These features mean that these plates can also be autoclaved at 121 °C and can also be stored in a −80 °C freezer for a long time.

Easy sample tracking is enabled by the clear alphanumeric well coding. The 2.2 mL square-well 'V' bottom plate has been developed to have a smooth, flat surface with excellent sealing integrity thanks to a raised sealing rim with heat sealing and adhesive materials.

A reusable silicone sealing mat is offered by Irish Life Sciences to provide a reusable sealing option (SM420).

Typical applications

  • Storage of oligonucleotide or siRNA library data
  • Plasmid purification
  • RNA and DNA isolation
  • Protein analysis
  • Yeast and bacteria cultivation
  • Storage of genomics or cDNA banks
  • Sample preparation and storage

Cross reference compatibility:

  • Thermo Abgene AB0932  -  (Well depth 39.0 mm)
  • Corning P-2ML-SQ-C         -   (Well depth 41.3 mm)
  • Eppendorf                           -   (Well depth 41.2 mm)
  • Porvair 219009                   -   (Well depth 39.9 mm)

Workstation compatibility for ILS plates:

  • 2S96-002V                        -   Square well 'V' bottom
  • 2.2S96-008V                     -   Square well 'V' bottom
  • 2.2S96-312U                    -   Square well round bottom
  • 2.2S96-013U                    -   Square well round bottom
  • 2.2S96-011V                    -   Square well 'V' bottom
  • 2R96-007U                       -   Round Well round bottom.

Platforms with confirmed use.

  • Tecan
  • Beckman I7 and I5
  • Beckman FX
  • Agilent
  • Bravo
  • Perkin Elmer
  • Hamilton

Processing the deep well storage plates to deliver them as a sterile product is done using E-Beam sterilization technology. This process reduces the discoloration of the polymer that results from Gamma sterilization.

The sterility levels of the plates are confirmed by an independent laboratory to ensure levels are achieved in accordance with Irish Life Sciences' rigorous quality standards.

Irish Life Sciences is one of the leading producers of deep well storage plates, reagent reservoirs, and assay plates.

Irish Life Sciences offers a cost-effective product with minimal human contact thanks to its 40,000-square-foot facility containing an extensive range of injection molding presses with a high level of automation.

Ultrasonic welding is also equipped in the facility, alongside state of the art robotic platforms that allow for the dispensing of medical-grade adhesives used in product assembly.

Kingfisher® is a registered trademark of Thermo Scientific.

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