PI-KARE™ technology: A skin-friendly, non-sensitizing polyisoprene formulation

Tuff on the outside, soft on the inside

The TouchNTuff ® 83-500 and 83-300 polyisoprene gloves from Ansell have been updated, so they are now manufactured using PI-KARE™ technology, an innovative non-sensitizing, skin-friendly PI formulation.

This new formulation uses biologically safe chemical accelerators which are kinder to the skin to minimize any incidence of skin-related allergic reactions and eliminate the use of standard chemical accelerators known to cause Type IV chemical allergies and sensitivities.

PI-KARE™ technology: a skin-friendly, non-sensitizing polyisoprene formulation

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Lower allergenic profile

An advanced long side chain carbamate known as ZDiNC stays within the glove and has better tolerance to skin. It has been approved by German BfR (Bundesinstitut fur Risikobewertung: Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) for the manufacture of toy balloons, toys and baby teats.

  • Mercaptos and traditional carbamates are among the chemicals eliminated.
  • Free of casein, cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) and diphenylguanidine (DPG).

Independently tested for sensitization

In July 2018 in the U.S., a Human Repeat Insult Patch Test (HRIPT) of n=200 was completed (as per modified Draize Test). It was concluded that there was no evidence of contact sensitization or of inducing clinically meaningful irritation in healthy, human subjects who had no previous sensitization history.

PI-KARE™ technology: a skin-friendly, non-sensitizing polyisoprene formulation

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Ergonomic comfort and fit

The gloves have been tested by an independent third party: United States Ergonomics. They feature PI-KARE™ Technology and are more comfortable and softer than other gloves.

Following testing in a controlled lab environment, the glove was awarded the ergonomics certification after meeting the threshold of forearm and hand effort below 20% MVC (muscle value contraction) of muscle effort.

Compared to the old formulation, there have been significant improvements to the modulus, creating a softer, ‘stretchier’ glove with higher elasticity that helps to reduce stress on hands and muscle strain, especially during long processes.

These softer PI gloves are superior in comfort compared to Ansell’s natural rubber latex (NRL) gloves and demonstrate a significantly lower force of resistance to hand and finger movement.

PI-KARE™ technology: a skin-friendly, non-sensitizing polyisoprene formulation

Image Credit: Ansell

Unsurpassed durability combined with sensitivity

Some PI gloves can be made stronger without compromising on the softness, durability or thinness of the glove thanks to new technologies, creating a thin glove with high tear resistance and tear strength with greater user comfort, especially during long procedures.

This glove technology is unique to Ansell and goes beyond delivering skin-friendlier, safer PI gloves. The TouchNTuff ® range featuring PI-KARE™ Technology delivers gloves that operators want and need as they are both softer and stronger than other gloves.


About Ansell

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In 1905, Eric Ansell recognized an opportunity when his employer was looking to dispose of some manufacturing equipment. With this discarded machinery, he founded what was to become the Ansell Rubber Company, initially a balloon & condom company that eventually expanded into surgical, household and work gloves.

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