What should you look for when choosing a biobanking sample management system?

Biobanking is a critical factor within genomic and personalized research: offering cross-purpose access to large datasets. Such a task requires a reliable and robust sample management system. Biobank sample management software (sometimes referred to as a laboratory information management system, or “LIMS”) is vital in ensuring efficient sample control and accurate management of information.

There is an enormous range of systems currently available for the management of biological samples. So, what features should be prioritized when it comes to choosing a sample management system for biobank operations?

Ease of inputting data

Ease of use and effective data inputting are the first crucial parameters that should be considered according to your specific laboratory setup. Though not a universal quality, ease-of-data depends on whether the user elects for individual sample entry, manual sample data entry, importation of historical records, etc.

It is important to note that a biobank information management system should be chosen with an intuitive user interface that is able to precisely and rapidly render current and legacy data in a format that is compatible.

Option to create custom descriptors

Of course, another key criterion that is no less important is high flexibility of data input. A fully searchable database can be created, thanks to the ability to fully customize sample types and tracking tags using a wide variety of descriptor formats.

Users will be empowered to associate various data formats (dates, free text, safety documents, regulatory datasheets, etc.) with their samples using the best biobank sample management systems.

Container customization

It is essential that a biological sample management system allows the user to define the shape and size of their containers so that the database can be tailored for unique laboratory setups.

Powerful multi-parameter searching

Finally, it is crucial that you can easily search the biobank database with your sample management system.

Multi-parameter searching is critical in locating specific samples by date record, keyword and location, with a range of custom sample type entries and tracking tags. Users can switch between different views (e.g., container layout vs. list view) and save regular searches for future use and ease of accessibility with certain biobank management systems.

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Sample management systems by Ziath

The team at Ziath has developed an intuitive sample management system called Samples, optimized for the highly-demanding needs of modern research.

Inventory management can be streamlined with this powerful tool – as can key storage workflows.

Samples can rapidly be scanned in, using both a limitless number of tags and six levels of container storage locations (which are fully editable). Samples were not only built with fully tailored laboratory setups in mind but custom features can also be added upon request to ensure that users can easily keep track of their samples without ever running the risk of losing data.

Ziath’s solutions have been carefully and precisely designed to resolve critical pain points that are common with biobanking software - futureproofing sample-handling operations.

For more information, please refer to Ziath’s Samples datasheet or contact a member of the team today.

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Ziath specializes in instrumentation control and information management in both the academic and the pharmaceutical/biotech industry sectors with a focus on the application of laboratory automation. In particular, we focus on managing large sample libraries (compound management, biobanking and sample management) using 2D datamatrix tubes.

Founded in 2005 by scientists and engineers; Ziath is over a decade old and is proud to server customers across the world. Ziath develops innovative new products designed to simplify processes in life science organizations. In addition Ziath offers consulting and contracting work to clients.

Ziath has a range of products split into four main categories of 2D barcode scanners, devices for handling tubes, 2D barcoded tubes and sample management software.

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