IVM-MS2, “The most compact all-in-one IntraVital two-photon microscopy system in the world”

IVIM Technology, Inc. recently released IVM-MS2 - the most compact all-in-one intravital two-photon microscope on the market.

The first start-up to commercialize all-in-one integrated intravital microscopy equipment, instrumentation from IVIM Technology, Inc. employs innovative intravital microscopy (IVM) technology that was initially developed by KAIST.

The IVM-MS2 instrument has been optimized for in vivo imaging experiments. It features a novel, compact, extremely efficient, highly stable and maintenance-free fs-pulse laser module and represents an excellent option for customers with limited budgets and resources.

The two-photon intravital microscope is a popular choice in advanced bioresearch institutes around the world, with the IVM-MS2 already set to be installed at the Max Planck Institute in Germany and the Harvard Medical School in the United States.

The IVM-MS2 integrates the complete range of functions required in the imaging of numerous processes in living animals with high cellular and molecular resolutions, allowing users at all experience levels to achieve optimum results with ease.

It also features a range of imaging algorithms that can automatically compensate for movement, for example, lung movements caused by respiration and heartbeats.

This is made possible by the IVM-MS2’s unique ultra-high speed in vivo imaging capabilities (maximum of 100 fps at 512 x 512 pixels) and its innovative live animal maintenance system designed to preserve tissues’ physiological environment throughout the image acquisition process.

IVM-MS2 boasts an industry-leading, ultra-small, ultra-fast 920 nm fs-pulse laser module. The 920 nm wavelength is the most employed wavelength in two-photon microscopy, facilitating the efficient, simultaneous two photon-excitation of a range of fluorescents.

The space-saving, high performance, affordable IVM-MS2 enables researchers to reliably investigate a range of biological processes in living animals with no fluorescence limitations.

IVIM Technology, Inc. offers a number of other product lines, including:

  • The IVM-C all-in-one confocal microscope
  • The IVM-M multi-photon microscope
  • The IVM-CM confocal/multi-photon microscope

IVIM Technology, Inc. also provides a portfolio of customized experimental services. These services utilize customers’ drug candidates or molecules and are provided by experienced researchers from the IVIM Corporate Research Institute, all of whom possess PhDs from KAIST.

The biopharmaceutical industry has recently shifted its focus from the development of synthetic drugs to the development of new biopharmaceutical techniques, such as immunotherapy, cell therapy, antibody therapy and gene therapy.

The human body operates through innumerable complex interactions, but studies employed in preclinical drug development stages have been traditionally conducted without interaction, such as in vitro and ex vivo experiments.

IVIM Technology's ultra-fast three-dimensional laser scanning intravital microscopy facilitates the direct observation of cell movement inside living tissues. It also enables investigation into individual cells moving inside the body’s organs – even those that cannot be seen with CT or MRI.

It is also possible to simultaneously image cells and molecules (for example, proteins) and their surrounding microenvironments with higher precision and resolutions than have previously been allowed by existing technologies.

These additional capabilities are vital in the acquisition of detailed information on the process of diseases occurring in the body at a cellular level.

Intravital microscopy systems from IVIM Technology can be utilized in:

  • In vivo 4D cell imaging, tracking and monitoring
  • In vivo imaging of drug efficacy
  • In vivo imaging of drug delivery
  • High resolution intravital imaging of almost all organs and tissues

IVIM Technology’s methods and instruments are ideally suited for the accurate identification of drug mechanisms, particularly those occurring in new drug studies such as bispecific antibodies, microbiomes and exosomes.

IVM-MS2, “The most compact all-in-one IntraVital two-photon microscopy system in the world”

Image Credit: IVIM Technology

About IVIM Technology

IVIM Technology was founded based on the innovative technology of IntraVital Microscopy (IVM) developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST).

IntraVital Microscopy is a technique that enables you to directly observe the movement of live cells that make up living tissue in vivo.

With this technique, it is possible to distinguish an individual cell among a large number of cells in various organs, which is not possible with conventional biomedical imaging technologies such as MRI or CT, and to track the movement of each cell in three dimensions in real-time.

It is also possible to simultaneously image living cells in living organs, surrounding microenvironments, and molecules such as proteins which is impossible with conventional tissue analysis technology.

Furthermore, this enables us to analyze the in vivo efficacy of new biopharmaceuticals such as immunological, cell, gene, and antibody therapeutic agents acting in real living organisms at the cellular level which is the basic structural and functional unit of life.

The world's first All-in-One microscopy (IVM) platform developed by IVIM Technology explores the interactions among numerous cells inside the living organisms and will be the next generation high-tech imaging equipment to elucidate the complex processes of human diseases.

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