What is IntraVital Microscopy?

Intravital microscopy facilitates dynamic 3D in vivo cellular-level imaging of a range of biological processes in living animals.

By using intravital microscopy, scientists are able to directly validate hypotheses developed from ex vivo or in vitro observations within a number of natural physiological in vivo microenvironments.

Intravital microscopy allows the in vivo visualization of protein activity, gene expression, cell trafficking, cell-cell / cell-microenvironment interaction and an array of physiological responses to stimuli.

These investigations have provided essential and novel insights that were impossible via conventional static 2D observation of ex vivo or in vitro samples.

Individual users have historically been required to improvise the necessary functions for each intravital imaging application when investigating various organs using conventional standalone microscopes. This more ad hoc approach has traditionally resulted in limited applicability and less-than-optimal imaging performance.

The all-in-one intravital microscopy system from IVIM Technology has been extensively optimized and specifically engineered to offer excellent performance in the intravital imaging of live animal models in vivo.

As the world’s first all-in-one intravital microscopy platform, this innovative instrument offers a comprehensive solution for the exploration of sophisticated dynamic cell behaviors associated with numerous processes inside a living body.

The instrument is set to continuously function as a core next-generation technology, facilitating elucidation of the pathophysiology of numerous human diseases, ultimately empowering scientists to discover new cures and treatments.

What is IntraVital Microscopy?

Image Credit: IVIM Technology

About IVIM Technology

IVIM Technology was founded based on the innovative technology of IntraVital Microscopy (IVM) developed by the Korea Advanced Institute of Technology (KAIST).

IntraVital Microscopy is a technique that enables you to directly observe the movement of live cells that make up living tissue in vivo.

With this technique, it is possible to distinguish an individual cell among a large number of cells in various organs, which is not possible with conventional biomedical imaging technologies such as MRI or CT, and to track the movement of each cell in three dimensions in real-time.

It is also possible to simultaneously image living cells in living organs, surrounding microenvironments, and molecules such as proteins which is impossible with conventional tissue analysis technology.

Furthermore, this enables us to analyze the in vivo efficacy of new biopharmaceuticals such as immunological, cell, gene, and antibody therapeutic agents acting in real living organisms at the cellular level which is the basic structural and functional unit of life.

The world's first All-in-One microscopy (IVM) platform developed by IVIM Technology explores the interactions among numerous cells inside the living organisms and will be the next generation high-tech imaging equipment to elucidate the complex processes of human diseases.

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