Autoclave and sterilizer cleaning services

As healthcare demands increase, so are the cost-reduction efforts of healthcare organizations.

Duraline provides a wide range of services to ensure each organization runs as efficiently as possible while minimizing costs. By establishing a regular maintenance schedule, Duraline can assist organizations and make sure operations run smoothly while looking after the health and safety of their patients.

Duraline’s services include:

  • Assembly of new equipment
  • Cart repairs for both loading and case carts
  • Caster repair and replacement
  • Large-scale case cart and equipment washer cleaning
  • Rust Removal on beds, IV poles, mayo stands and other rust-prone equipment
  • Sterilizer cleaning
  • Sterilizer loading cart cleaning

Where infection control begins

Daily, weekly and monthly cleanings are crucial for keeping sterilizers running efficiently. However, the accumulation of difficult-to-remove dirt and debris that occurs overtime must be removed to guarantee unit effectiveness and life expectancy.

By implementing a frequent deep cleaning strategy, users will prevent the buildup of particles that have occurred after continuous use to extend the life of the sterilizers.

Why a clean sterilizer is important

  • Scale buildup negatively impacts the efficiency of the heating element, which may mean the unit needs to work harder and, as a result, decrease unit life expectancy.
  • Once the buildup has been identified, it can mean that the unit is less effective when it comes to sterilization, causing contamination with sterile packs.
  • Continuous buildup from mineral deposits, hard water or old filtration systems can cause a blockage in the drainage system.

Decontamination room cleaning

The decontamination area is the first location for the proper removal of bioburdens from soiled equipment. As the epicenter of cleaning, the room itself requires routine, enhanced cleaning.

Systematic cleaning of the area should eliminate pathogens from surfaces. However, this cleaning may not always be as thorough as needed. Therefore, an enhanced cleaning process will concentrate on the areas that tend to be missed and deep clean even the most regularly used surfaces.

With increasing safety regulations, annual cleaning will help organizations in being compliant with their units. Duraline can provide the requisite documentation that certifies when the units were cleaned and the date of completion.

Rust removal

Corrosion of equipment can be a great risk in a medical facility. When the outer layer protecting the surface is removed, rust may form, leading to a health hazard and a visual distraction.

This can result in citations being issued during inspections. A pre-inspection assessment will allow your equipment to be properly serviced and brought up to standard before the inspection.

Rust removal is well-suited to equipment prone to rusting, such as:

  • IV poles
  • Hospital beds
  • Mayo stands
  • Surgical tables
  • Stretchers Case carts

Cart repairs

Case carts and loading carts are a crucial part of all daily processing operations. With daily use, the signs of wear will start to appear, which quickly renders the carts less useful and more burdensome.

Establishing a regular maintenance schedule will keep carts running at optimal performance. Duraline’s maintenance can repair a wide range of cart issues, such as:

  • Caster repair or replacement
  • Corrected door alignment
  • Misaligned loading for loading carts
  • New latches
  • Stainless steel welding

Whether repairing damaged carts or establishing a servicing maintenance schedule, Duraline can assist healthcare organizations and ensure carts are running at peak performance.

Sterilizer loading cart cleaning

As loading carts are used synchronously with the sterilizers, particle buildup may occur on the carts, which can be a cause for concern, just as it is on the sterilizer. Both the sterilizer and the loading carts experience the same strains from consistent use.

Mineral deposits can tend to buildup underneath each rack. The buildup may then lead to dripping on the wraps below, leading to potential reruns on a case. Establishing a maintenance schedule will significantly limit such risks, which will help the department run more efficiently.

Assembly of new equipment

When it is time to replace equipment, Duraline can assemble any pre-purchased equipment for its customers, especially considering that distracting employees from their main responsibilities can leave departments at risk of delay in daily operations.

With Duraline’s assembly services, organizations are free to focus on keeping departments running effectively and efficiently.

Some equipment that Duraline assembles include:

  • Case carts
  • IV poles
  • Loading carts hospital beds
  • Other OR equipment
  • Scope cabinetry
  • Storage racks
  • Track, stationery and wall mounted shelving

Before and after comparisons


Autoclave and sterilizer cleaning services

Image Credit: Duraline BioSystems, Inc.

Decontamination room cleaning

Autoclave and sterilizer cleaning services

Image Credit: Duraline Systems, Inc.

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