Accelerating digital transformation with the 3DExperience platform

Patent expirations, low R&D productivity, rising competition, shrinking margins, ineffective processes, and increasing compliance requirements seriously threaten the viability and profitability of life science companies. To address these issues, life sciences companies focus on digital transformation to improve collaboration across their business, especially in R&D activities.

Scientists run hundreds of tests but frequently lack a standardized method for transferring information and expertise between teams and individuals. They often lack a centralized database to gather, store, and share crucial experimental results and other product information and instead record information in paper notebooks or disparate electronic systems.

Businesses must adhere to rigorous industry certifications and requirements before products can be sent to market. To promote innovation, integrate quality throughout the supply chain, and expedite product certifications, companies aim to centralize their product development data and achieve a more structured work style.

As they look to the future, companies also want to examine how they can deliver customized medical services in a patient-centric business model - for example, using virtualization and simulation technologies to identify the best new materials and therapeutics for medical devices.

Solution: Biovia Scientific Notebook and the 3DExperience platform

Companies are choosing a cloud-based implementation of the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform to expedite the digital transformation process. This is ideal for the current life science sector in many respects, and businesses can start operating quickly without the need to set up servers and software.

Businesses do not need to spend money on additional gear for the new technology to function. The platform is accessible to scientists from anywhere at any time. All intellectual property and data can be guarded against data loss and unauthorized access.

Another benefit for companies is the capacity to roll out new apps and functionality as needed. The companies also have continued access to the latest software features and upgrades.

The initial stage of this transformation involves deploying an instance of BIOVIA Scientific Notebook on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Experimental data from legacy electronic lab notebooks (ELNs) can be accessed and indexed using Scientific Notebook, making it a centralized, single database for all scientists. 

This enables effective project collaboration, product development analysis, and the elimination of time-consuming, error-prone manual documentation to create a more productive and collaborative work environment.

Results: Digitalized R&D and quality first in a patient-centric environment

With all of the product development data held in a single, centralized database, a company’s approach to recording experiments is transformed. Organizations cannot effectively capture and store all of their research outputs using fragmented data storage methods; so, frequently, only information relating to successful studies is kept.

However, companies can now record every aspect of their operations, including unsuccessful projects and products that never reach the market. This allows scientists to reuse data and learn from prior errors.

Scientists can concentrate on enhancing product quality, meeting deadlines, and cutting costs, and management receives a clearer picture of the company’s activities and complete visibility and traceability in product development.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform gives product development engineers the foundation to expedite the innovation process. Researchers have improved IP protection, visibility, and traceability in product development by capturing data and collaborating on a shared platform.

They can reuse information, predict outcomes, and learn from past mistakes. They also streamline regulation compliance, accelerate certifications, and enhance technology readiness. Companies can also use the platform in the future to deliver new business value by altering development processes and creating a manufacturing environment that produces superior yields.

Accelerating digital transformation with the 3DExperience platform

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