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Computer tomography (CT) is a medical imaging method employing tomography created by computer processing. Digital geometry processing is used to generate a three-dimensional image of the inside of an object from a large series of two-dimensional X-ray images taken around a single axis of rotation.

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SCENARIA delivers dose efficiencies, superb image quality and enhanced workflow to meet the needs of a wider range of imaging environments.
PreXion's advanced fully integrated Cone Beam CT System offers a complete imaging pipeline from data acquisition to image correction, image reconstruction, 3D visualization, and distributed remote viewing.
ECLOS16™ is a multi-slice non-cardiac CT, ideally suited for imaging centers and community hospitals.
Aquilion CX comes standard with new standards in performance that allow clinicians to do more with fewer resources in less time.
Aquilion Premium multidetector row CT has advanced hardware and software and easy upgrade path to Aquilion ONE. The Aquilion Premium also takes advantage of advanced innovations like iStation, coneXact; high definition reconstruction and field upgradeability to 320 detector row CT, for long term value.
Siemens' latest high-end scanner, which takes our unmatched Dual Source technology to a whole new level, is the SOMATOM Definition Flash a scanner that will change your perceptions of radiation dose.
The LightSpeed VCT is the latest innovation in CT technology. VCT means "Volume CT"...ushering in a new era in CT imaging.