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The HC 2000 Automatic provides benefits of hydrotherapy in an automatic device. This device is the combination of a refined, robust modern technique, which is very easy to use.
The Aquanet GRY-500 offers only gravity colon hydrotherapy treatments. It operates with the innovative Low Elevation Gravitational Technology (LEGT), harnessing the gentle power of gravity.
The Aquanet EC-2000 is the only professional colon hydrotherapy instrument available that is capable of delivering gentle gravity treatment and more forceful pressure treatment interchangeably during the same treatment using the same device.
The Colon Hydromat comfort is characterized by easily to operate control elements, as for example for volume measuring, colour control and the automatic ventilation.
The Colon Hydromat standard shows up in a new design, new colour and established quality. Clear composition of the temperature pre-selection and water flow controller, allows the user a comfortable handling.
The Aquanet APS-100 offers only pressure colon hydrotherapy treatments. It employs the highly acclaimed and patented Applied Pressure Sensing Technology (APST™). The result is much more thorough clearing of debris with greater comfort than other pressure operated colon hydrotherapy equipment.
The HC-3000 electronic colon hydrotherapy unit incorporates unprecedented electronic safety and comfort systems, guaranteeing the perfect development of the Colon Hydrotherapy.
The Colonpro is a colon hydrotherapy systems that dedicate to cleanse colon, solve intestine problems, and remove toxic waste. Adopted by more than 10,000 families all over the world, tifotronic colon hydrotherapy systems have improved thousands of people’s life quality. Innovative technology features Lifotronic products, distinguish them from similar products in the market.