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A flowmeter is a device used to measure the real-time material flow of fluid or gas to give either volumetric or mass flow readings. The device is used to meter the supply of gases and fluids in a range of industries including manufacturing plants, hospitals, and breweries. The meter itself might display readings or send them electronically to a remote display or data storage facility.

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Easily mounted to the cabinet or wall- the MXR-1 allows for ergonomic control and precision delivery with Porter glass indicator tubes. Convenience, accuracy, and reliability- built right into the cabinets or wall.
The Matrx RA is a Relative Analgesia (non-mixing) flowmeter with a built in fail-safe that guarantees a minimum flow of 3 lpm of oxygen.
The MXR-D is the only digital flowmeter with both a digital display and calibrated glass indicator tubes for accurate real flow display.
Selectaflo is a calibrated-orifice flowmeter with integrated pressure reduction. It is used by medical personnel to accurately and easily set the flowrate of the gas delivered to the patient. Its innovative design makes its operation intuitive.
FLOVAL SE is a rotameter for the delivery of a gas from a low-pressure medical outlet (wall outlet or reducer connector). The single-scale flow measurement system is completely independent of the counter-pressure generated downstream by connection accessories.
The MXR-3000 has been the most trusted and recognized flowmeter featuring Porter precision glass indicator tubes and ergonomic single motion controls.
The Selectaflo HP is a flowmeter-pressure regulator. It is installed on medical gas cylinders to guarantee that the desired flowrate is deliverd to the patient, regardless of the upstream pressure.
At only 3'' tall and 7'' wide, the Matrx MDM-D is the smallest digital flowmeter on the market and is the flowmeter of choice for those preferring a digital display with simple push button operation.
At only 3” tall and 7” wide – the Matrx MDM-D is the smallest digital flowmeter on the market and is the flowmeter of choice for those preferring a digital display and simple push button operation.
Featuring the patented Matrx "Auto-Compensation" flow and percentage feature - the MDM is the only analog display flowmeter that automatically maintains flow rate when the percentage flow is adjusted (and vice versa).