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The HEMOWELD-GUN is a new portable welder for pipes of blood bags. This is a automatic motorized machine.
Sanofi’s track record of creating effective solutions for people living with diabetes has lead to the development of the BGStarTM, a blood glucose monitoring device with the tools and a support system to put in control of the diabetes and not the other way around.
The iPF125 is a single door i.Series Plasma Freezer with a 464 plasma box capacity. It features the i.C³ full-color touchscreen monitor with downloading, maximum temperature uniformity, and superior cabinet construction.
The iBGStarTM not only gives accurate blood glucose readings, but when linked to the iPhone or iPod Touch, it provides a wealth of information.
The Omnitest plus blood glucose monitor consist of a sensor system for measuring blood glucose in capillary blood. The Omnitest plus system provides a quick and easy way to measure the blood glucose level. Omnitest plus could be used for self-monitoring of blood glucose level by diabetes patients.
Compact and reliable, the ABL80 FLEX analyzer – BASIC version is the ideal cost-effective choice for blood gas, electrolyte and lactate analysis.
Procalcitonin (PCT) is a marker for bacterial infection and sepsis. ​PCT levels elevate during systemic bacterial infection and sepsis.
The HXC-936 blood bank refrigerator has five alarms fanction they are High/Low temperature alarm, Power off alarm, Door alarm, Senor failure alarm, Battery low power alarm. It also has three type of alarm for various functions, they are visible light alarm, audible buzzer alarm and remote alarm.
DIAcheck C4 is a 4-channel coagulometer for clotting, chromogenic and immunoturbidimetric assays. A thermal printer is externally attached to the instrument, which is a serial printer with print-out of system parameters and results in all selected dimensions
The UA-702 is an excellent choice for those wanting a very economical blood pressure monitor.
Tube Protection Once a blood sample has been taken, blood tube protection and storage for transport becomes important. Sirchie offers a variety of methods to achieve the level of protection needed.
The D744 D.A.C venous and cardiotomy reservoir from Sorin features effective filtration sequence. It has simple and easy to use holder.
The device CR-6 is designed as poratble sealer that offers just as well mobility in the donation room due to its low weight.
HEMOWELD-Gun is last technology of mobile sealers for tubing of blood bags. All electronics and RF generator are included inside the handgun.
In the BH-102 Bilirubin & Haemoglobin Meter direct reading from capillary tube. A simple and speedy operation for quick diagnosis is provided in the BH-102 Bilirubin & Haemoglobin Meter.
Fractiomatic Plus 2 is an automatic blood component separator with infrared detection sensor, automatic sealing heads, weighing of components and computerized data processing.
The contour XT meter is ready to test the blood glucose right out of the box. It just takes 5-second test time. The new innovative technology evaluates a single sample 7 times for exceptionally accurate results.
The only arterial filter designed specifically for neonates, the Sorin D130 is the smallest arterial filter in clinical use. With just 16 ml of priming volume (the lowest available on the market), the D130 utilizes purge lines on both sides of the filter to make priming fast and easy.
Requiring just 28 ml of priming volume, the Sorin D131 arterial filter is optimized for pediatric patients. When combined with the D101 oxygenator, total priming volume is just 115 ml.
Radiometer’s safeCLINITUBES and CLINITUBES capillary tubes come in a variety of sizes to match the sample-volume requirements of different analyzers. They are available in plastic or glass.
The Digital Haemoglobinometers is produced with many cutting-edge features. The Digital Haemoglobinometer is required in Clinical, Pharmacy & Medical Colleges Labs, because of the guarantee of accurate results.
As with the S-Monovette, blood is drawn by either the aspiration or the vacuum principle, allowing the collection tech-nique best suited to fit the individual patient's vein conditions.
The HXC-608 blood bank refrigerator has five alarms fanction they are High/Low temperature alarm, Power off alarm, Door alarm, Senor failure alarm, Battery low power alarm. It also has three type of alarm for various functions, they are visible light alarm, audible buzzer alarm and remote alarm. Alarm in three styles, protect the storage in safe condition.
The HEMOWELD-T is an automatic tube sealer with single clamp. It’s a classic bench sealer for blood bags tubing.
The PEARL10 with its new digital signal processing technology works reliably in difficult situations, for example, on low perfused patients and during heavy patient movement.