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EKF Diagnostics’ Glycated Serum Protein (GSP) LiquiColor Assay offers a two to three week indicator of average blood glucose. This closes the information gap between daily glucose levels and quarterly HbA1c testing.
In FREEZmatic Plus models, the shelves act as freezing elements: the refrigerant flows inside the shelves for the best freezing efficiency while the uniformity plates press the bags to evenly distribute the temperature.
The HPF125 is a single door Horizon Series™ Plasma Freezer with a 464 plasma box capacity. It offers a temperature controller with alarm/monitor, superior temperature uniformity, and superior cabinet construction.
The D980 venous and cardiotomy reservoir from Sorin is the only device allowing discrimination and separate handling of activated and non activated suction blood during CPB in a P.h.i.s.i.o coating environment.
The HEMOTEK 2 standard blood collection monitor from Delcon can be used with any type of blood bags to manage the blood donation process.
The MC4plus is a semi-automatic 4-channel ball coagulometer for laboratories with medium sample throughput with mechanical and (optionally) optical detection.
HEMOWELD-B is supplied together with a comfortable shoulder bag. It is portable and equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery pack.
Closed circuit system originally invented by TORAY has been accepted worldwide as the most reliable technology for precise UF control.
The MCS+ 9000 mobile platelet collection system — part of a robust family of devices with quiet performance — is dedicated to blood component collection of platelets. With proven separation technology and state-of-the-art leukocyte reduction with continuous filtration, double unit, and concurrent plasma capabilities, the device offers a cost-effective collection from single platelet donors.
DIAcheck C4 is a 4-channel coagulometer for clotting, chromogenic and immunoturbidimetric assays. A thermal printer is externally attached to the instrument, which is a serial printer with print-out of system parameters and results in all selected dimensions
The blood bank fridges can be connected to the central control unit via the potential-free contacts which are integrated as standard. A device for data evaluation can be connected to the integrated RS-485 interface.
The STAT-Site M B-HB analyzer from EKF Diagnostics is used for the quantitative determination of B-Hydroxybutyrate (Beta-Hydroxybutyrate or BHB) in serum or plasma.
In FROSTER-BL-650 blood plasma freezers the storage temperature of this freezer is -41°C. A two-stage refrigeration machine generates the necessary cooling so that this temperature is kept constant. This enables operation of the freezer in ambient temperatures of up to +32°C.
GIOTTO is a automatic extractor designed to prepare blood components from centrifuged blood in single use plastic bags manufactured upon the International Standard ISO 3826 and the European Directives no. 93/42 and 2007/47 MDD.
Immediate test results mean quicker decisions for earlier treatment. With our RAPIDPoint 400/405 Systems you receive the same benefits of speed, operator safety, and proven reliability that make our high-volume RAPIDLab Systems so popular.
Procalcitonin (PCT) is a marker for bacterial infection and sepsis. ​PCT levels elevate during systemic bacterial infection and sepsis.
HemoDraw is Smiths Medical's needle-free closed blood sampling system for arterial blood sampling in adults. The unique design makes HemoDraw safe, accurate and easy to handle in both Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Units.
The D744 D.A.C venous and cardiotomy reservoir from Sorin features effective filtration sequence. It has simple and easy to use holder.
The patient’s sample and a test related reagent are included in a diagonally bedded cuvette that slowly turns around its center line. Due to its gravitational force, a metal ball in the reagent mixture moves exactly to a specified spot prior to coagulation.
A neonatal transilluminator designed specifically with the neonate in mind. The great features of the Venoscope® II has taken and put them into a transilluminator that better serves the special needs of neonatal patients.
Omnitest plus set is a complete kit for measuring blood glucose in capillary blood. The Omnitest plus system provides a quick and easy way to measure the blood glucose level. Omnitest plus could be used for self-monitoring of blood glucose level by diabetes patients.
HEMOWELD-Gun is last technology of mobile sealers for tubing of blood bags. All electronics and RF generator are included inside the handgun.
Bag-extractor Bio15 is intended to make easy blood component separation in any condition.
LUXOmatic is a dual press, space saver and adaptable system for individual applications.
The CV Cardiotomy reservoir features smooth elliptical inlet flow path and low breakthrough volume. It is easy to handle and good visibility. It is convertible into a chest drainage device for ICU use.