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A lithotripter is a noninvasive device that breaks up kidney stones by passing electromagnetic shock waves through a water bath while a patient sits inside. The lithotripter provides a nonsurgical means of pulverizing stones into pieces small enough to be passed naturally in the patient’s urine.

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The whole system simply consists of ultrasound, main unit and control console, offers easy operation and convenient maintenance.
Utilizing Dornier’s proven Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) technology, combined with state-of-the-art imaging and information management options, Compact Delta II UIMS creates the optimal system for lithotripsy and a variety of applications.
Originally designed shock wave source with revolving arm can process fragmentation from both above and under the table, makes it possible for urinary stone, bladder stone and gallstone patients to be treated with a supine posture.
HD.ESWL-109 extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, beautiful models like jade tree, named, "Little Angel" , a truly all-round efficient smash calculus lithotripsy, Hyde original creative."Little Angels" extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, a new set of Hyde which creative in the basis of shock wave lithotripsy technology essence, awarded a number of patents and technological achievements in China. "Little Angels" lead a new fashion in this field.
HK.ESWL-Vm reflects Huikang‘s effort to achieve a compact, simple and fully modularized ESWL system. If you are looking for a cost-effective lithotripter with integrated X ray C arm, patient table and outlined ultrasound scanner, the HK.ESWL-Vm will satisfy you in every aspect: no matter from its charming appearance, excellent curing effect or user-friendly operations.
The HK.ESWL-Vm reflects Huikang's effort to achieve a compact, simple and fully modularized ESWL system. It is a cost-effective lithotripter with X ray C arm and patient table.
Lithopulso Digi is the first digital controlled pneumatic lithotriptor which crashes all the renal, urethral and bladder stones effectively witout harming the patient .
HD.ESWL-V extra-corporeal shock wave lithotripter is an X-ray positioning lithoclast created by Hyde, it is a magic lithoclast, its nickname "Baby Genius" (brand name). "Baby Genius" lithoclast cohesion Hyde countless people create effort, Hyde people work hard, it is a classic machine of technology.
This type dubbed nickname "Tinker Bell" (Brand name) which with high performance and low price. In additional, the effect of “Tinker Bell” is as same as other brand.
The HK.ESWL-V Classlith Lithotripter from Wikkon is Safe, durable and effective. The therapy head is elaborately mounted in a small C-arm, which is concentric with the X-ray C-arm and the shock wave focus.
E-3000 pneumatic lithotripter is an efficient and economical mean of fragmenting the impacted urethral stones with minimum patient discomfort. With its non-disposable stainless steel five different probes, E-3000 can be used through rigid or semi rigid endoscopes.
The Compact Sigma, a versatile modular lithotripter, combines proven Dornier Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) with a multi-functional patient table and X-ray C-arm to create the complete solution for lithotripsy and endourological procedures.
HK.ESWL-VI is a multi-functional urology workstation through many years of research and development in clinical applications. Its functions cover fragmentation operation, urology operation, X-ray fluoroscopy and photography, ultrasound check and etc.
HD.ESWL-Multi Plus extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is a X-ray positioning lithotripter, stretch graceful shape, the nickname "Little Princess" (brand name).
Dornier Gemini is a premier multifunctional lithotripter providing an unparalleled platform for both endourology and lithotripsy. The combination of positioning flexibility, open access and large imaging areas create an optimal platform.
The HK.ESWL-V Classlith E lithotripter from Wikkon is Safe, durable and effective. The therapy head is elaborately mounted in a small C-arm, which is concentric with the X-ray C-arm and the shock wave focus.
The StoneBreaker™ Pneumatic lithotripter from Cook Medical is used via a rigid or semirigid endoscope with a straight working channel, for the fragmentation of urinary tract (kidney, ureter and bladder) stones.