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OMRON light Personal Peak Flow Meter is used for accurate monitoring of Peak Expiratory Flow in L/min. The PFM20 enables an easy, user-friendly therapy management for doctor and patient similarly.
The MicroPeak precision peak flow meter is offered with either the ATS or EU scale. The MicroPeak peak flow meter is supplied with patient instructions and a 4-week recording chart.
The patented dual colour sliders on the asmaPLAN define the management colour zones set by the healthcare professional for the asthmatic to follow. 100% is the asthmatic's best.
The CWS solution can transmit both peak expiratory flow (PEF) and forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1). Many asthma specialists consider FEV1 the more reliable indicator of an impending asthma attack.
The PPM-800 peak flow meter is the simplest lung diagnostics device however it can be used efficiently in early detection of asthma and during its treatment as well.
TeleBreather is a remote, electronic, handheld device that one can use at home to test how well the lungs are working. It accurately measures various volumes of air that can forcibly expel from the lungs during exhalation, as well as the speed with which exhaled.
The flow meter DATOSPIR PEAK-10 measures the intensity of flow of air passing through the airways when exhalation is performed as rapidly and intensively as possible. The level of the figure reached inform the doctor about the severity of patient’s illness.