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Medical Devices
Based on the long-established and reliable OTF/AS cryostat, the new OTF5000 brings the extensive range of Bright cryostats completely up to date.
The MTC is a unique complete bench top cryostat for use in histology/pathology and research laboratories. The compact design makes this instrument an ideal backup for installed high-end cryostats and cost efficient alternative for low turnover applications.
The Cry-Ac Tracker Cam is a device that measures the temperature of the skin when spraying Liquid Nitrogen via the Cry-Ac delivery system to the selected skin lesion using the latest Infrared Sensoring technology.
The model MNT features convenient operation and a modern fully automatic rotary microtome. For extra convenience the system includes a spaceous stainless steel chamber, 24 easily accessible freezing positions and well illuminated cooling chamber that can be effectively cooled down to -35 °C.
The Frigitronics CM-73 Series provides a fully mobile cryosurgical system with a wide array of interchangeable probes designed for use in gynecologic, general surgery and otolaryngologic procedures.
The 408D2 and 415D cryocoolers are frequesntly used in MRI suites around the world.
The 2S132K - Q Drive's workhorse miniature model cryocooler.
The 2S297K is the mid-size model in our large-scale cryocooler line.
The WA1000B console offers the ideal combination of easy-to-use controls and built in safety features. It uses the powerful LL100 two-trigger freezer for Nitrous Oxide.
The 2S102K - Q Drive's smallest standard model cryocooler. It is the most compact and cost effective Qdrive cryocooler to date.
The CRY-AC and AC-3 are available in 500ml and 300ml capacity, provide the ultimate in controlled application of Liquid Nitrogen to the lesion.
The 9400 cryostat is the largest cryostat in our range, although its uses are similar for those mentioned for the 8250, the standard features for this machine are more comprehensive.
The 2S241K is the smallest of our large-scale cryocoolers.
The Leisegang LM-900 Cryosurgery System is the right unit for a busy practice. The calibrated, easy-to-read pressure guage helps reduce the number of repeat procedures, and the solid brass gas manifold offers added safety.
Features fast and stress-free production of high-quality cryostat sections. The Thermo Scientific HM 525 Cryostat is a semi-electronic cryostat with stepper motor advance that provides superior consistency and reliability of sectioning results.
The compact, lightweight UltraFreeze is the new, easy-to-use, portable cryosurgical system ideal for most office skin procedures.
The use of cryostat microtomes to prepare frozen sections for microscopy is widely known, and the Bright Instrument Company has been specialising in this field for years, but for some applications these cryostats are simply not large enough or powerful enough. It is for these cases that the 8250 has been developed.
The CryoTel product group is designed for use in a wide array of fields that include: astronomy, medical, sensors, telecommunications, gas liquefaction, superconductors, and bio-processing. The CryoTel cryocoolers are designed to be versatile and adaptable.
Thermo Scientific HM 550 Cryostats are high quality and versatile cryostats designed for clinical or research applications.
The 10K cryocooler technology powers our product range of shield coolers, laboratory cryostats and cryopumps.
Not since cryostats were invented has there been such a small, portable yet convenient instrument. Featuring many design concepts developed from our continuous research programme, the Starlet cryostat is available in a choice of either handwheel or lever operation. In addition to standard voltages, the Starlet is available as a battery operated 12V DC version ensuring that this cryostat really is one of the most versatile possible.
Thermo Scientific Cryotome FSE Cryostat is a fifth-generation instrument adapted to multiple users and samples.
The 2S362K is the most powerful, oil-free, electric-drive cryocooler in the world.
The Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon Plants by Cryogenic Technology are top of the line systems. The generator applications cover a range of production rates depending on the settings employed: Oxygen: 5~10,000L/H, Nitrogen: 5~10,000L/H, and Argon: 1~500L/H.
The Thermo Scientific CryoStar NX70 Cryostat is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of both research and clinical laboratories by introducing a form-fitting design, integrated height control and motorized sectioning.