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A cryocooler is a device used to cool the environment and anything inside it to extremely cold temperatures. Typically used in scientific and engineering applications, it is designed to achieve temperatures of approximately –150 degrees Celsius or colder. Most devices circulate a gas such as hydrogen or helium through a closed cycle to absorb heat from the interior and transfer it to the external environment.

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The 2S297K is the mid-size model in our large-scale cryocooler line.
The CryoTel product group is designed for use in a wide array of fields that include: astronomy, medical, sensors, telecommunications, gas liquefaction, superconductors, and bio-processing. The CryoTel cryocoolers are designed to be versatile and adaptable.
The 2S241K is the smallest of our large-scale cryocoolers.
The PP3006 CoolLok offers rapid transfer and cryo temperature observation of specimens for SEM, FIB/SEM, beamline or other vacuum systems.
The Liquid Nitrogen/Oxygen/Argon Plants by Cryogenic Technology are top of the line systems. The generator applications cover a range of production rates depending on the settings employed: Oxygen: 5~10,000L/H, Nitrogen: 5~10,000L/H, and Argon: 1~500L/H.
The 2S102K - Q Drive's smallest standard model cryocooler. It is the most compact and cost effective Qdrive cryocooler to date.
The 2S132K - Q Drive's workhorse miniature model cryocooler.
The 408D2 and 415D cryocoolers are frequesntly used in MRI suites around the world.
The PP3010T is a highly automated, easy-to-use, column-mounted, gas-cooled cryo preparation system suitable for most makes and models of SEM, FE-SEM and FIB/SEM.
The 2S362K is the most powerful, oil-free, electric-drive cryocooler in the world.
The 10K cryocooler technology powers our product range of shield coolers, laboratory cryostats and cryopumps.