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A fluorometer is a device used to measure parameters of fluorescence in order to identify and quantify specific molecules in a medium. Available as a hand-held or table-top device, a fluorometer can be used to quickly identify colonies of bacteria, inorganic molecules such as lead, or mineral levels that may indicate a deficiency.

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EasyLife X is OBB's patented low cost bench top fluorescence lifetime system, and it replaces the previous model EasyLife™ V. The EasyLife™ X offers two new enhanced capabilities; Automated Protein Melts, and an Enhanced Lifetime Kinetics Acquisition Protocol.
The QuantiFluor™-ST is an affordable, sensitive fluorometer designed for quick, easy, and accurate fluorescence measurements. The QuantiFluor™-ST provides high sensitivity for fluorescence measurements and is so easy to use that you can have results within minutes. Single-point calibration saves time and the dual-channel design allows you to switch between two assays with the touch of a button.
Jenway offers three fluorimeter models to cover a wide range of applications. The 6280 model is ideal for the most sensitive determinations with emission wavelengths up to 650nm.
St. John Associates' Fluoro-Tec fluorometer provides a cost-effective and versatile means of implementing fluorescence-based techniques in discrete sample analysis, liquid chromatography detection (HPLC) and flow injection analysis (FIA) -- both continuous-flow and bubble-segmented. It also performs well as a nephelometer.
Compact, economical fluorometers ideal for life-science applications including nucleic acid and protein concentration measurements.
The Qubit™ 3.0 Fluorometer is the next generation of the popular benchtop fluorometer that accurately measures DNA, RNA, and protein using the highly sensitive Qubit quantitation assays.
The highly sensitive QFX Fluorometer is a powerful solution for fluorometric applications. Quantify nucleic acids and proteins using four fluorescent channels and a choice of common assays which are built into measurement apps.
The GFL-1a Fluorometer has multiple applications and multiple sampling options. Whether you research in a changeable field environment or a controlled laboratory you’ll be guaranteed accurate, repeatable measurements.