Life Science & Laboratory Gel Drying Equipment Equipment

Gel drying equipment is used to dry the agarose or polyacrylamide gel medium used in gel electrophoresis to separate macromolecules DNA, RNA and proteins. Drying systems may include oven-like air drying racks or suction-based vacuum dryers.

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The double-up gel dryer system combines two Model 583 gel dryers, a HydroTech™ vacuum pump, and the double-up gel dryer rack. The double-up gel dryer rack accommodates two gel dryers up to 60 x 50 cm.
The Model 583 gel dryer accommodates sequencing gels or multiple standard size gels (16 mini gels, 9 Criterion gels, 2 large format gels, or 1 sequencing gel). With variable temperature control and three preprogrammed cycles, drying conditions can be optimized to prevent gel cracking.
Biometra's geldryers Mididry D62, highly appreciated for their durability, very quiet operation and reliability, are for drying vertical slab gels and provide optimal drying for all types of gels.
The Maxi Gel Dryer with a 35 x 45cm drying area can dry twelve 10 x 10cm mini gels simultaneously. The unit’s microprocessor controls temperature and time, each parameter being displayed on its own LED display.
The Model 583 gel dryer has a 35 x 45 cm drying surface, which is large enough to fit up to 16 mini gels, 9 Criterion™ gels, 2 large format gels, or 1 sequencing gel. Three preprogrammed drying cycles provide optimum drying for any type of gel, particularly sequencing gels.
The GelAir drying system is perfect for drying polyacrylamide and agarose gels. Dried between two sheets of cellophane, the gels come out completely clear with a glossy finish, ideal for densitometry, photodocumentation, autoradiography, overheads, and long-term storage.