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Malvern Instrument’s Spraytec laser diffraction system allows measurement of spray particle and spray droplet size distributions in real-time for more efficient product development of sprays and aerosols.
The measurement range of SALD-2300 laser diffraction particle size analyzer from Shimadzu is 17nm to 2500μm. Applicable to a Wide Range of Applications Using Optional Units and Application Sof tware Packages.
The LS 13 320 MW is one of the most versatile and sophisticated laser diffraction particle size analyzers available today.
SALD-3101 is useful wherever there is a need to measure coarse or dense particles, including the fields of metals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, environment, river conservation, disaster prevention, civil engineering, construction, agriculture, and soil.
SALD-301V is the first particle size analyzer in the world equipped with a violet semiconductor laser (405nm wave length). The contribution of violet laser increases accuracy and resolution of sub-micron particle size analysis.
The LS 13 320 SW offers an easy to use system, producing fast and reliable particle size analysis results for dry, aqueous and non-aqueous samples.
The LS 13 320 MW is one of the most versatile and sophisticated laser diffraction particle size analyzers available today. Using the Fraunhofer and Mie theories of light scattering, the LS 13 320 MW offers the highest resolution, reproducibility and unsurpassed accuracy.
The Beckman Coulter LS 200 is a multifunctional particle characterization tool. Its state-of-the-art, laser-based technology permits analysis of particles without the risk of missing either the largest or the smallest particles in a sample.
The SALD 201V Particle Size Analyzer is a compact, economically priced instrument that offers high performance and reliability features for a wide range of food, liquid, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications.
Designed for the various measurement applications with easy operations, such as wet measurements, dry measurements, high concentration sample measurements, micro bubble measurement etc