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These MiniSpin and MiniSpin plus personal microcentrifuges have been designed to fit into the smallest space on the lab bench within the immediate reach. Both models are easy to use and differ only by an increased g-force in the MiniSpin plus.
Fast, cool and versatile, our top-of-the-line, high-performance microcentrifuges are the Microfuge 20 Series. These benchtop dynamos are precisely designed to meet the application needs.
The Centrifuge 5424 R is a versatile and powerful 24-place centrifuge that sets new standards in Eppendorf’s philosophy: Silence, Speed and Simplicity.
If there is a demand for high sample throughput, many centrifuges call it a day in regards to capacity. This does not apply to the Centrifuge 5427 R. With a new double-row 48-place rotor it lives up to the increased efficiency requirements with fast running times in a safe and reliable manner.
Labnet’s new high speed Spectrafuge is the culmination of many years of centrifuge design experience combined with the latest brushless drive technology. In the development process customer’s input is sorted out and produced a microcentrifuge that met all their requirements.
The Thermo Scientific MicroCL 17 and 21 microcentrifuges combine productivity, versatility, safety and convenience in a compact, easy to-use lab instrument. Coupled with our extensive rotor selection, achieve the speed and versatility you need to carry out complex as well as simple protocols.
This unique centrifuge combines the best features of a microcentrifuge (small footprint) and multipurpose benchtop centrifuge (rotor versatility) in one instrument, giving the best of both worlds.
The Z233M-2 and Z233MK-2 Microcentrifuges are designed for high speed centrifugation of micro samples. Five different rotors are available, with capacities from 18 to 64 samples.
Mini-centrifuge for all applications which do not require high speeds, e.g. micro-filtrations and cell separation. Transparent cover allows constant observation of centrifuge.
The Centrifuge 5418 / 5418 R is a compact 18-place centrifuge designed for labs with fewer samples but high demand in quality and performance.
The Prism uniquely designed 24-place rotor allows easy access to the tops of sample tubes, allowing for faster work flow. The individual tube slots in the solid rotor support tubes along their length to eliminate tube deformation or cracking even at the highest speed settings.
Beckman Coulter General Purpose, High Performance and Ultracentrifuges provide systematic excellence through their superior quality, reproducibility, and reliable performance.
The Thermo Scientific Heraeus Pico and Fresco microcentrifuges are designed to accelerate routine sample preparation processes by providing high speed and generous capacity along with safety and convenience.
The SCF2 is a compact microcentrifuge for centrifugation of up to 12 x 1.5ml or 2.2ml microfuge tubes or four strips of 8 x 0.2ml tubes at speeds of up to 13,500rpm. The unit is supplied with adaptors for use with the fixed angle rotor to enable 0.2ml tubes to be centrifuged.
The Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend 14 microcentrifuge takes productivity and ease-of-use to a whole new level. Offering outstanding performance in a small, versatile package, the Sorvall Legend 14 microcentrifuge is ideally suited for a range of applications across pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic research.
The Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend Micro 17 and 21 microcentrifuge series delivers exceptional capacity and performance in a compact, user-friendly design.
The Thermo Scientific Espresso 12-place centrifuge achieves speeds up to 14,600 rpm (14,500xg) and, complete with rotor, accommodates micro tubes from 0.5 to 2.0mL, or even smaller volumes with adapters.