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The motorized MP-285 offers advanced features found in manipulators costing thousands more. Custom engineered stepping motors, precision cross-roller bearing slides and proprietary worm gear capstan drives form the basis of the watch-like mechanical system.
Neurobiological experiments are becoming more complex. Many require multiple manipulators with control units that quickly become space and/or cost prohibitive. The MPC-200 is the solution you have been asking for.
The innovative and user-friendly TransferMan 4m continues Eppendorf's 20-year-long tradition in the field of IVF. It has been designed for intuitive operation and optimal performance for a variety of applications in human reproductive medicine.
The classic micromanipulator developed by Sir Huxley many years ago is still considered by many investigators to be the finest manual micromanipulator available. The MP-85 offers the advantage of a very large range of movement with its built-in coarse manipulator and precise submicron movement with the fine controls.
The new TRIO-245 from Sutter Instrument is a highly stable 3-axis manipulator with 25mm of travel on each axis. The TRIO's synthtic 4th axis can be set in software as any angle between 0 and 90 degrees for diagonal movement.
The XenoWorks Micromanipulator has been designed around our hugely-successful MP-285 electrophysiology micromanipulator, with the addition of a smooth-moving adjustable inverted joystick.
The MP-225 is one of the newer members in the Sutter Instrument micromanipulator line. Production and design changes have allowed us to produce a motorized manipulator that is a more affordable alternative to the industry standard MP-285.
Used in complex experiments in conjunction with our other micromanipulators, or as a stand alone unit in a teaching environment, the MM-33 is available separately for those wishing a small, practical instrument in applications not requiring submicron accuracy.
The miBot™ BT-11 from Imina Technologies is the world’s smallest nanometer resolution manipulator available on the market. The mobile micro-robot manipulator uses piezo actuators in an innovative mobile motion technology to allow simple and accurate control. It has no mounting screws, therefore, it can be pre-positioned by hand without any major difficulty, and can be easily set-up and reconfigured.
The Eppendorf PiezoXpert provides piezo-assisted micromanipulation, enabling simple penetration in cells for microinjection or micromanipulation.
The QUAD, the newest Sutter Instrument motorized micromanipulator, is easy to use and features four independent axes. Each axis has a 25mm range of motion, a digital display of position and an ROE control.
The user-friendly TransferMan 4r possesses an ergonomic and innovative design to meet the most demanding micromanipulation requirements.