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A microtome is a tool used to cut extremely thin sections of material for microscopic examination. Once sliced, the samples can be observed under transmitted light or electron radiation. Used in clinical, research and industrial applications, microtomes can slice sections to a thickness as little as 50nm.

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The WESWOX Senior Rotary Microtome is a product of meticulous quality and is designed to achieve perfect and accurate results in serial sectioning. It has produced stupendous results for cutting sections as thin as a 1 micron and for serial sections of invariable uniformity.
The Thermo Scientific HM 325 Manual Rotary Microtome is a robust instrument that doesn't need a power supply to provide high-quality paraffin sections.
The X-ActCut rotary microtomes are designed as a modular system. Rapid knife-change and exchanging of specimen supports is effected without loss of the basic adjustment.
The Thermo Scientific HM 340E Electronic Microtome is an ergonomically designed, electronic rotary microtome with stepping-motor advance technology for precision and stability to provide superior sectioning results.
The Thermo Scientific Finesse ME+ microtome is one of the safest, most comfortable, and user-friendly microtomes available at an affordable price.
The Accu-Cut SRM 200 Rotary Microtome is a reliable rotary microtome developed for all applications of paraffin and hard specimens in clinical, research and industrial laboratories.
The WESWOX Freezing Microtome is used for cutting thin to semi-thin sections of fresh, frozen tissue and semi-thin sections from industrial products such as some textiles, paper, leather, soft plastics, rubber, powders, pastes and food products.
The Thermo Scientific HM 355S automatic rotary microtome is an electronic, motorized rotary microtome that sections safely even the largest specimens with unmatched quality.
The Finesse 325 manual rotary microtome from thermo Scientific is ideal for routine paraffin sectioning. The lightly balanced flywheel is designed to prevent repetitive stress injury.
The WESWOX Hand Microtome is used to cut thin sections of Microscopic materials, such as specimen parts of plants and animals. It is considered as the basic form of a microtome permitting microtomic cuts by hand in a quick and accurate way.
The Thermo Scientific HM 450 Sliding Microtome includes automatic fine sectioning and trimming features with selectable specimen retraction.
The Thermo Scientific HM 430 Sliding Microtome is designed with automatic or manual fine sectioning; features fast, comfortable, and non-tiring operation.