Life Science & Laboratory Polarimeters Equipment

A polarimeter is a scientific instrument that measures the refraction of unpolarized light as it passes through a compound and is broken up into polarized light, giving information on the type and concentration of the compound. The device can be used to determine which optical isomer is present in a given sample, an important application in the manufacture of drugs, food, and plastics.

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The AUTOPOL III Automatic Polarimeter is Rudolph’s entry level Dual Wavelength Pharmaceutical and Research grade polarimeter offering accuracy similar to Rudolph’s more advanced models, but with a simplified interface.
The AUTOPOL IV is a microprocessor based automatic polarimeter that is available in one, two and six wavelength versions. The AUTOPOL IV’s features include: readout in specific rotation, optical rotation and concentration, customer defined and labeled programs for push button readout, large LCD display and touchscreen user interface, temperature display and correction, push button wavelength selection, statistics, RS 232 and parallel printer ports.
The Polartronic N and M Series polarimeter is a fully automatic circle polarimeter with continuous measurement.
The new Polartronic H532 is a high resolution spectral multiple wavelength polarimeter with up to 5 wavelengths and highest precision.
The AUTOPOL I is Rudolph’s most economical automatic polarimeter designed for education and less demanding applications where the budget is critical, but quality is still important.
The AUTOPOL II is designed as a general purpose automatic polarimeter for budget focused Contract Laboratories, Food Laboratories, and College Chemistry Laboratories.
The P-2000 is designed as a customizable polarimeter with various options for an array of applications and budgetary requirements. The system can also be field upgraded as application requirements change. Options for wavelength filters and source lamps provide a wide range of analytical wavelengths from UV-Vis to NIR.
The all-rounder amongst polarimeters with continuous measurement and resolution of ±0,001°.
The Saccharomat Touch Series is a fully automatic working quartz-wedge compensated sugar polarimeter.
The Polartronic N Series polarimeter is a fully electronic circle polarimeter for standard applications continuously measuring.