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The PVS is a dynamic coaxial cylinder, controlled shear rate rheometer allowing quick and easy viscosity measurements under pressure at temperatures where sample boil-off is a problem.
The YR-1 is a revolutionary, simple-to-use, low-cost alternative to complicated, full-featured laboratory rheometers.It's designed to be used right on the production floor by your technicians.
Rheological evaluation through controlled stress measurement offers superior viscosity profiling, thixotropic response, yield stress determination and Creep Analysis. The Brookfield R/S Rheometer offers both controlled rate and controlled stress measurement.
The Brookfield RS Portable Rheometer is a dynamic, rotational instrument capable of viscosity, yield stress and creep measurements. Its dual power operation allows it to go from production floor to the field making it one the most versatile instruments in its class!
The new MCR rheometers are based on a concept at the cutting edge of technology. The EC motor technique, the low friction bearing and the patented normal force sensor have been optimized over years to satisfy the highest demands of rheologists. Any type or combination of rheological tests, both in rotational and oscillatory mode, are possible with the MCR rheometers.
The Discovery Hybrid Rheometer (DHR) from TA Instruments features powerful new technologies from the world leader in rheological measurements.
Easily quantify extensional properties of semi-solids and fluids with the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ CaBER™ 1 Capillary Breakup Extensional Rheometer.
Meet the most demanding requirements in research and development with the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ MARS III Rotational Rheometer, one of the most modular high-end rheometer platforms.
The Kinexus lab+ is designed to withstand the rigors of a busy Quality Control laboratory, to provide robust and reliable rheological test capabilities. Ease of use is paramount in this environment, and the rSpace software enables Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) driven rheological testing for test protocols that can be used company wide.
Compact system capable of meeting most test requirements encountered in capillary rheometry. Combining many advanced features associated with larger floor-standing models, the Rosand RH2000 system can be configured for research measurements through to Quality Control applications.
The HAAKE PCR's bypass design makes it possible to measure the viscosity at low shear rates without compromising residence time, this results in a much higher sensitivity when comparing different molecular weight materials.
The DV3T rheometer from Brookfield is a sophisticated rheometer with easy-to-use intuitive controls. A 7-inch full color touch screen conveniently displays all test parameters along with measured values for yield stress, viscosity and temperature.