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Thermal analysers are devices used to measure the mass of a sample as it is heated or cooled, to characterize the materials used in various environmental, food, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical applications. The analyser heats or cools a sample pan inside that is supported by a precision balance for monitoring the sample as a purge gas flows over it and exits by means of an exhaust.

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Featured Equipment
The STA 6000 simultaneous thermal analyzer offers performance, reliability and productivity you can depend on. Designed with routine and research applications in mind, the STA 6000 simultaneous thermal analyzer applies advanced innovative sensor technology to yield higher accuracy and quality results.
Other Equipment
The new automated Q5000 SA from TA Instruments is designed for high performance sorption analysis of materials under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity.
TMA/SS7000 has super high sensitivity. It can measure a wide range of samples, including thin film and small samples, because the total measurement method has no shape restrictions.
The STA 8000 simultaneous thermal analyzer offers performance, reliability and productivity you can depend on. Designed with routine and research applications in mind, the STA 8000 simultaneous thermal analyzer applies advanced innovative sensor technology and efficient design to yield high accuracy and precise results.
The Q800 from TA Instruments is the world’s best-selling DMA, for very good reason. It utilizes state-of-the-art, non-contact, linear drive technology to provide precise control of stress, and air bearings for low friction support.
Viscoelasticity measurements transforms the samples by bending, tension, shearing etc., and find the elastic modulus and tan σ of the sample from the amount of deformation and response delay.
Newly developed simultaneous thermogravimetry and differential thermal analysis (TG/DTA, TGA/DTA) with high performances. µg level weight changes can be detected and precisely measured with high sensitivity horizontal balance systems. The base line performance is improved by adopting newest digital technology.
The new RSA-G2 from TA Instruments is the most advanced platform for mechanical analysis of solids. The separate motor and transducer technology of the RSA-G2 ensures the purest mechanical data through independent control of deformation and measurement of stress.
The Q400 is a sixth-generation product from the world leader in thermal analysis. Its performance, ease-of-use, and reliability aptly demonstrate our long experience in designing novel instruments for high sensitivity mechanical measurements over a wide temperature range.
The Discovery TGA features our industryleading thermobalance, innovative IR-heated furnace, patented Hi-Res TGA, and an autosampler unmatched in flexibility and reliability.
Newly released High Sensitivity Differential Scanning Calorimeter X-DSC7000 has the new technology which comprises new sensor and new furnace. New sensor achieves the tripled sensor performance by the multiple thermocouples (compared to the existing products of SIINT).
This is the second generation from our nano-TA family and it adds a powerful DSP controller to this technique which enables sub-100nm local thermal analysis for most commercially available AFMs.
The Q500 is the world’s no. 1 selling, research-grade thermogravimetric analyzer. Its field-proven performance arises from a responsive low-mass furnace, ultra-sensitive thermobalance, and efficient horizontal purge gas system (with mass flow control).