SZ61 & SZ51 Zoom Stereo Microscopes from Olympus

The standards set by the SZ61 and SZ51 are a revelation. The "Comfort View" eyepiece design and the accessible, responsive controls make operation easier and less fatiguing than ever before. The compact design, incorporating the Greenough optical system, delivers excellent flatness and ample depth of field as well as clarity, detail, and accurate color. Dependable, high-performance optics are central to the production of consistent, accurate results in today's widening range of biological microscopy applications-as are ergonomic features which make even long-duration tasks easier and less demanding to perform.


  • A completely new eyepiece design, "Comfort View," provides greater comfort to let you perform your work faster. Comfort View features pupil aberration control and appropriate positioning at the eye point. The result is a field of view that is easy to find, comfortable to view, and easy to maintain.
  • Magnification range: (using 10x eyepieces) 
  • SZ61 6.7x-45x; zoom ratio 6.7:1 
  • SZ51 8.0x-40x; zoom ratio 5:1
  • The 10° angle of convergence in the Greenough optical system secures excellent image flatness with a large depth of field.
  • The SZ61 and SZ51 provide five system configuration choices. Both are available with either a 45° or 60° inclination tube. The SZ61 is also available in a trinocular version for imaging and documentation.
  • Convenient, front-access controls.
  • Lead-free optical components.
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