SZX10 Research Stereo Microscope from Olympus

SZX10 Research Stereo Microscope from Olympus

The SZX10 is designed for routine research. It offers a high numerical aperture (NA) of 0.2, producing a resolution of 600 line pairs per millimeter. With this resolution you can work more efficient, more precise and gain much more information from your samples. The SZX10 provides a zoom ratio of 10:1. With the common objective design it is a fully modular system offering a range of options.


The DFPlan objective series is showing the shape of the specimen as it is, without any distortion. Furthermore the careful selection of lens surface coating and glass materials in the entire optical system makes it possible to observe and document specimens in their original, authentic colors. These features make the SZX10 the ideal choice for any measuring and verification task.


The SZX10 motorized focus drive (optional) is making the digital documentation with extended focal imaging (EFI) efficiently and fully automatic. This even allows creation of pseudo 3D images, closing the gap between documentation and what the eyes have seen before through the stereoscopic lightpath. To facilitate automated inspections the Olympus cellSens® Imaging Software family offers all the tools required from simple 2D measurements up to complex phase analysis in an easy to use environment.


Many imaging or measuring tasks require the use of the same zoom magnification setting to ensure consistent and comparable results. The integrated 11 position click-stop provides quick and easy access to this important function. In addition the SZX10 allows the quick change between stereoscopic view and axial light path for the camera. The advantage of the axial light path setting is that measurements taken with the camera are reliable and precise in all directions making results independent from the orientation of the sample under the microscope.