Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopes

A spinning-disk confocal microscope is a device that uses a series of moving pinholes on a pair of rotating discs to simultaneously scan multiple rather than single points of a subject. This process offers much faster performance than conventional optical microscopy, while requiring only minimal illumination of samples. These qualities make the instruments particularly useful in the high speed imaging of living systems.

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XDh has been designed to allow those who work on an upright microscope benefit from the capabilities available from our full component range. The XDh is suitable for applications such as plant biology research, and in developmental biology models such as c.elegans.
Revolution XDv - A focused upright solution when lab space is at a premium. The Revolution XDv offers you a compact solution on an upright microscope.
The CellVoyager CV1000 provides renowned Yokogawa spinning disk confocal imaging technology in an easy to use, incubated bench-top solution for live cell imaging.
The new Revolution WD delivers an unrivalled high speed, high versatility combination. Offering stunning image quality at all magnifications this latest generation of spinning disk confocal meets the demands of the broadest ever selection of sample types.
The image quality Cell Observer SD is same as Axio Observer and Axio Examiner. Spinning disk technology from Yokogawa CSU-X1. The dual camera technology of ZEN software.
The DSU is compatible with both inverted and upright Olympus microscopes, including the motorized IX81® and BX61® making it an ideal imaging system for automated Z-stack, 3D image analysis.
The Revolution XDi is based around an inverted microscope, the most common choice for live cell imaging, ideal for samples such as cultured cells that grow in media and require careful environmental control. Samples can range from something as small as yeast through to a large specimen such as drosophila embryo.
UltraVIEW VoX is a highly configurable system that gives the state-of-the-art technology. By integrating the latest software, hardware and computing advancements, it's the solution needed for most challenging biological problems.