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Arterial filters are important components used in cardiopulmonary bypass to remove blockages originating in the perfusion circuit such as gas emboli, fat emboli, and aggregates of platelets, red blood cells, and other debris. Good quality designs offer ease of priming, superior air handling, and efficient filtration.

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Arterial filter (arterial blood filter) is suitable for heart surgical operation under extracorporeal circulation. In the artery, it can remove micro-aggregates and micro-emboli. Membrane Solutions affords all kinds of arterial filters. All the arterial filters are sterilized by-radiation. OEM service is also available.
Requiring just 28 ml of priming volume, the Sorin D131 arterial filter is optimized for pediatric patients. When combined with the D101 oxygenator, total priming volume is just 115 ml.
The only arterial filter designed specifically for neonates, the Sorin D130 is the smallest arterial filter in clinical use. With just 16 ml of priming volume (the lowest available on the market), the D130 utilizes purge lines on both sides of the filter to make priming fast and easy.
The Affinity Arterial Filter’s advantages include ease of prime and effective air handling and filtration.
A pediatric arterial filter for the most magical patients, the Affinity Pixie arterial filter features ease of prime and effective air handling and filtration.