Clinical & Diagnostics Blood Bag Tube Thermosealers Equipment

Blood bag tube thermosealers are used to seal the pilot tubing of bags used for collecting and processing blood. Some designs include radio frequency systems that can seal a tube in less than 2 or even 1 second, without causing haemolysis or leakage. Blood bag tube thermosealers are available as both hand-held and bench top devices.

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The device CR-6 is designed as poratble sealer that offers just as well mobility in the donation room due to its low weight.
SEALmatic M is Lmb’s solution to create perfect tube segments and offer a maximum of flexibility to the user – the individual devices can be combined freely, but also used as standalone devices.
The SEBRA product line includes a range of benchtop and hand held sealers for use in blood collection and processing at blood banks, commercial plasma centers, stem cell processing facilities, and hospitals.
The HEMOWELD-T is an automatic tube sealer with single clamp. It’s a classic bench sealer for blood bags tubing.
The HEMOWELD-GUN is a new portable welder for pipes of blood bags. This is a automatic motorized machine.
The HEMOWELD-B is a mobile battery operated tube sealer. It can be used to seal any standard tubing of blood bags.
The HEMOWELD-MC is an automatic tube sealer with four clamps. It is specifically useful fro those blood bank that have high processing routine.