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A hemofiltration machine is a device used in hemofiltration therapy to replace the function of the kidneys in acute renal failure. The patient’s blood flows into the machine which removes waste products and water before replacing the removed fluid and returning it to the patient. If caught and treated early enough, acute renal failure can be reversed using this process.

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The PrismafleX eXeed system gives the flexibility needed to expand the possibilities for advanced extracorporeal blood purification.
The Aquadex FlexFlow system uses a simplified approach to ultrafiltration for the removal of salt and water in patients with fluid overload.
The Prismaflex System delivers a complete range of continuous extracorporeal blood therapies with a highly versatile platform that can be customized to specific patient needs. Safe and easy to use, the Prismaflex system is single solution for multiple intensive care therapies.
The CARDIOsmart ultrafiltration device used in a cardiac disease of extensive epidemiological impact, and is indeed the most common cause of hospitalization. The CARDIOsmart provides a solution to patient fluid overload, and noticeably reduces the incidence of re-admission.
The Prismaflex eXeed II software is Gambro’s latest improvement to the Prismaflex system. The software integrates citrate and calcium delivery for regional citrate anticoagulation and allows for compatible use of the MARS system.
FILTRAmatic Automatic Blood Component Filtration Monitoring System is designed for monitor leukocytes filtration process in blood collection bags in order to ensure the performance of leukocyte reduction filter system.