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An ophthalmoscope is a device used to see inside the fundus and other eye structures to assess the retina and vitreous humour. Available in two types, the direct ophthalmoscope is a small device comprising several lenses and is mostly used for routine examination, while the indirect instrument is made up of a light attached to a headband and is used in conjunction with a small handheld lens.

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The new e-scope is the perfect blend of leading-edge LED technology, more efficient diagnosis and an environment-friendly energy source.
The revolutionary PanOptic provides easy entry into the eye, together with a wider field of view to more easily observe conditions such as hypertension, diabetic retinopathy, and papilledema.
HEINE ophthalmic instruments set the industry standard for optical quality and diagnostic accuracy. The HEINE range includes a wide variety of high-quality ophthalmic instruments for all aspects of general and specialised examination of the eye.
Patented Coaxial-Plus optics enable easy entry into undilated pupils for more accurate diagnoses, while two filter selections provide optimum light levels for entering healthy eyes and those with cataracts.
With the attachable OT1 module the Optomed Smartscope® M5 provides high resolution digital image data that captures accurately the color, position, and translucency of tympanic membrane.