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Ted Pella's glass Tissue Floatation Water Bath has been developed using microprocessor controls and a modular design that has improved reliability and precision. The unit is low profile with a removable rectangular glass basin for easy cleaning.
The Slide Dryer II dries slides rapidly by circulating heated air over the slide surface, all enclosed in a compact design.
The Histology Bath is ideal for fast-freezing tissue for enzyme studies. It features 1.0 liter stainless steel reservoir with lid.
Microprocessor controlled with heated, non-drip spigot. A clear lid permits easy viewing of paraffin without contamination.
The large slide warmer provides the larger histology or research lab a tool for drying paraffin sections in minutes in order to perform routine staining or immunohistochemistry.
The Histology Freeze Plate allows histotechnicians to observe tissue freezing and keep specimen edges flat.
Ted Pella's Block Wax Trimmer is an efficient appliance for removing excess paraffin from embedding tissue cassettes. This wax trimmer can be used with all sizes of biopsy and mega cassettes.
The HMT-2258 Manual Rotary Microtome offers a sleek, but sturdy, straightforward instrument for sectioning of paraffin embedded tissue.
The Step Up™ Slide Warmer has a unique design to save space and assist in efficient handling of a high volume of slides.
Compact slide warmer with digital temperature control and LED readout is ideal for quickly drying slides for the small histology or research lab.
Huron Image Manager is a powerful server solution for digital pathology. Lean to deploy and easy to use, the Image Manager completes the digital pathology workflow by connecting users with digital slide images.