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Slide scanners are devices that can be used to make digital copies of glass slides. Most slide scanners are plug-and-play, meaning once it is connected to a PC and the appropriate software is installed, slides can be inserted into the scanner and copied at the press of a button. Once digitally stored, a copy of the slide is permanently available for uploading and magnifying.

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Today’s whole slide scanners are designed for automated, high-throughput scanning. Yet most scanners spend valuable time each day completing imaging setup tasks that underutilize the instrument’s imaging horsepower.
The TissueScope LE120 is designed for labs that require the best-in-class image quality of our versatile TissueScope LE scanner, but with higher capacity.
The TissueScope CF is an award-winning brightfield and confocal fluorescence scanner. Scan up to twelve 1" x 3" brightfield slides at once, or image a variety of standard or whole mount slide sizes up to 6" x 8" for the ultimate in versatility.
The Leica SCN400 F slide scanner is the ideal solution for researchers and core laboratories using Digital Pathology. The combination of excellent brightfield scanning and fluorescence imaging on a single platform makes the Leica SCN400 F a truly versatile slide scanning solution.
With its unparalleled scanning speed and high resolution imaging, the Leica SCN400 Slide Scanner has set new standards in virtual microscopy. Fast, flexible and reliable, the Leica SCN400 with patented dynamic focus and custom-designed optics, consistently delivers precise scans at an unprecedented rapid scanning speed.
MikroScan D2 is a simple desktop scanner for slide imaging. It has complete turnkey solution. It is capable of scanning two 25×75 mm slides. It Holds two 25×75 mm slides or one 50×75 mm slide.
The TissueScope LE is the easy to use scanner that matches high quality scanning with attractive price-performance characteristics. Scan up to twelve 1" x 3" brightfield slides at once, or image a variety of standard, or custom, slide sizes up to 6" x 8" for the ultimate in versatility. Its modular and upgradeable design ensures future-proof performance.
TissueScope™ slide scanner is the most versatile imaging platform in the digital pathology marketplace and will enhance any laboratory's capabilities.
The iScan Coreo slide scanner serves as the springboard for a total digital pathology environment in the anatomic pathology lab. It provides high speed brightfield slide scanning, improved image quality, and advanced slide handling.
The TissueScope PE is the easy to use desktop scanner that matches high quality scanning with attractive price-performance characteristics. Scan two 1" x 3" slides or one 2" x 3" slide at 20X or 40X magnification.