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A titrator is a device used to automate the procedure of determining a solution’s unknown concentration, based on the known concentration of another solution. These instruments range from straightforward systems used for routine laboratory analysis to high-end models that are heavily automated and capable of performing different types of titrations simultaneously.

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Besides the many advantages of the Titration Excellence line such as One Click Titration, Plug & Play, method database and the refinements of the T70 the T90 offers a number of other important features such as parallel titration, conditions in method functions, result buffer, series sequence.
Aquamax Karl Fischer Volumetric can be used for samples with high water content, from ppm levels up to 100% water. An iodine containing solution serves as titrating agent.
The Routine Karl Fischer titrator combines fast and precise water content determination with easy operation. Samples from any industry with a water content between 100 ppm and 100% are analyzed in single measurements or sample series with statistics.
The Titra-Max titrator is used for the analysis of TAN (total acid number),TBN (total base number), Mercaptan Sulphur, Analysis of petroleum products, lubricants and transformer insulating oils.
Karl Fischer titration is simply a means to measure water content of samples. Modern instruments, such as the Aquamax KF, use the coulometric principle, whereby the water present in the sample is coulometrically titrated to a predefined end point at which there is a minute excess of free iodine present.
The AT-510 Automatic potentiometric titrator is a new version of AT series offering better operational maneuverability and compactness in size while inheriting KEM’s many years’ advanced proven technology.
AT-700 can be simply used as a standalone instrument. Compact size same as our current model burettes, but with functions of a titrator and automatic piston burette (up to two units). This space-saving model allows to install the equipment anywhere.
AT-610 is the highest-end model among the KEM Automatic Potentiometric Titrators, featuring an over-sized touch screen LCD to allow for better operations.
The 902 Titrando is designed with advanced technology and true convenience. It utilizes our exclusive and popular Dosino top down dosing system and features the revolutionary Model 807 Intelligent Dosing Unit with built-in intelligence to recognize and remember all your reagent parameters for successful titrations each and every time.
he 916 Ti-Touch is the new compact titrator for potentiometric titration. The instrument supports the following titration modes: DET (dynamic equivalence point titration), MET (monotone equivalence point titration), SET (titration to one or two given endpoints) and MAT (manual titration).
The 904 Titrando is designed with advanced technology and true convenience. It utilizes our popular Exchange Unit dosing system and features revolutionary Model 806 with built-in intelligence to recognize and remember all your reagent parameters for successful titrations each and every time.
The 915 KF Ti-Touch is the Karl Fischer version of Metrohm’s new stand-alone titrator for routine analysis.
The Titration Excellence line offers many advantages such as One Click Titration, Plug & Play and method database. The T50 is the ideal entry-level model for the Titration Excellence line.
The Compact Titrator G20 combines simplicity and dependability in one instrument. It is especially designed for basic routine applications and can be operated as simple as possible.