915 KF Ti-Touch Titrators from Metrohm

915 KF Ti-Touch Titrators from Metrohm

The 915 KF Ti-Touch is the Karl Fischer version of Metrohm’s new stand-alone titrator for routine analysis. Just as in the 916 Ti-Touch, the buret, stirrer, dosing system and operation module of the 915 KF Ti-Touch are cased in single, compact unit. This is not only handy but also saves valuable benchspace.

Straightforward automation:

Straightforward automation of applications with 814 and 815 Sample Processor.

Paperless PDF reports:

Generate forge-proof PDF reports and save them on a USB stick or in the intranet.

Save and print data – without PC:

USB interface for printer, USB stick or barcode reader.

Personalized Touch-screen for fast method start:

Up to 14 methods can each be linked to a favorite icon on the touchscreen. Methods start at a single touch.


All system components are instantly recognized and ready for use.

«Safety stop» prevents titration cell from overflowing:

Overflowing of the titration cell during conditioning is prevented in the 915 KF Ti-Touch due to the «safety stop»-feature. If, e.g., the electrode has not been connected correctly or there is moisture in the titration cell, conditioning stops automatically after a short time or after a certain amount of Karl Fischer reagent has been added.