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2004-07-29 Importance of physical education in schools to combat childhood obesity 0 3.7
2004-07-29 Tetanus protection requires booster shots every 10 years, starting in adolescence 0 None
2004-07-27 Western Australian research shows nine children under the age of 14 die from passive smoking each year 0 None
2004-07-23 Computerised treatment for teaching obese teenagers how to eat healthily 0 None
2004-07-22 5-year-old's could beat most adults on a recognition memory test 0 4
2004-07-21 Infants whose mothers have higher levels of an essential omega-3 fatty acid show more advanced cognitive development 0 None
2004-07-21 New initiative to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in infant mortality 0 None
2004-07-21 Soy formula not a good choice for infants at risk of allergies 0 None
2004-07-20 Young children capable of reporting on their own health 0 None
2004-07-20 U.S. scientists have found the genetic basis for one form of sudden infant death syndrome 0 None
2004-07-19 A new online and searchable European register of clinical trials in children 0 None
2004-07-16 School-based programs are unable to decrease the long-term smoking prevalence among adolescents 0 None
2004-07-16 Teen birth rate hits record low and prevalence of overweight among children has increased 0 None
2004-07-15 Children and adolescents who consistently watch television for 2 hours or more a day are at an increased risk of being overweight 0 None
2004-07-15 Report shows mixed results for lead screening rates in children 0 None
2004-07-15 Effective treatment for soft tissue sarcoma (rhabdomyosarcoma) 0 None
2004-07-15 General childhood intelligence may be an important and informative early determinant of subsequent adult health 0 None
2004-07-13 By 2010 there will be an estimated 50 million orphaned children in sub-Saharan Africa 0 5
2004-07-12 Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a leading cause of mortality in children worldwide 0 None
2004-07-12 More than 20 percent of preschool children lack required immunizations 0 None
2004-07-10 More than 75% of children with asthma were unprepared for an exercise-induced asthma attacks 0 None
2004-07-09 Obese parents are the greatest influence for childhood obesity 0 3.8
2004-07-09 Possible cure for sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) 1 None
2004-07-07 New study on children's eligibility for public insurance 0 None
2004-07-07 Teaching young children the relationships between spellings and sounds - or phonics - makes learning to read easier 0 None
2004-07-06 Teenage girls in the U.S. bombarded by more alcohol advertising than boys 0 None
2004-07-06 75% of parents admit their children still see televised violence at least once a week 0 None
2004-07-06 High levels of endotoxin, a bacterial compound that collects in house dust, may lower likelihood of eczema in children 0 None
2004-07-05 Cambodia has become the first country to protect three out of four school-aged children against intestinal parasites 0 None
2004-07-04 Youth smoking down in Nevada 0 None
2004-07-04 The number of pediatricians in the United States rose by 140 percent between 1978 and 2000 2 4
2004-07-02 Pneumococcal vaccination now free in Ontario 0 None
2004-07-02 Best hospital in the United States for children 0 None
2004-07-02 No compulsory genetic testing for newborn babies in Europe 0 None
2004-07-02 District of Columbia child health assessment and immunization campaign 0 None
2004-07-01 Physical activity cuts risk of depression in children 0 None
2004-07-01 From potent painkillers to humble cough syrups, the same medicines that help patients misused by teens 0 None
2004-07-01 In Africa only a quarter of infants under six months of age are fed exclusively on breast milk 0 None


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