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2006-06-29 CDC recommends human papillomavirus virus vaccination 0 None
2006-06-29 CDC’s advisory committee recommends changes in varicella vaccinations 0 None
2006-06-29 Doctors say lives are in jeopardy because the public has been misled over MMR vaccine 0 None
2006-06-22 Omega-3 fatty acids benefit children with depression 0 None
2006-06-21 1 in 10 British children under 15 has a mental health disorder 0 None
2006-06-20 Childhood obesity measurements in schools could do more harm than good 0 None
2006-06-18 New guidelines on obesity in the U.S. may end up harming children 0 None
2006-06-18 Children who stutter face greater challenges managing their behavior and emotions 0 None
2006-06-14 Exposure to airborne fungal spores increase kids' risk for multiple allergies 0 None
2006-06-09 Antipsychotic use in children increasing 0 None
2006-06-09 Most children diagnosed with autism at age 2 years appear to have the condition at 9 years 0 4
2006-06-08 Dancing helps boys with ADHD 1 5
2006-06-06 Premature babies three times as likely to get hyperkinetic disorder 0 None
2006-06-06 Overweight first-graders come from over strict parents 0 None
2006-06-05 Minister upholds Hazardous Products Act by announcing Board of Review for baby walkers 0 None
2006-06-01 New e-movement mobilizes busy parents on children's health care 0 None
2006-06-01 The impact of an abortion ban on socio-economic outcomes of children 0 None
2006-06-01 Inappropriate TV exposure increases the risk of sleeping difficulties in children 0 None
2006-06-01 Better education needed on physical dangers of falling TV sets to children 0 1


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