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2010-01-31 Fraser Health to close tertiary perinatal program at RCH and open new one at SMH 0 5
2010-01-31 Charity festival raises more than $8M for underprivileged and at-risk children 0 None
2010-01-31 CHOP deploys medical team for pediatric care in Haiti 0 None
2010-01-30 Health Secretary and education leader commend school for encouraging physical activities among students 0 None
2010-01-30 PATH praises Gates Foundation for supporting vaccine development and delivery 0 None
2010-01-30 One-day conference focuses on effective strategies for treating autism 0 None
2010-01-30 BEE Healthy Kids Fitness Buzz opened at Jefferson Science Magnet Elementary School in Norwalk 0 None
2010-01-30 Surgeon General's report lays out recommendations to address childhood obesity 0 None
2010-01-29 Children's Wish Foundation facilitates 12-year-old with genetic mitochondrial disease play international hockey 1 None
2010-01-29 GMC's findings against Dr. Wakefield unjust and a threat to researchers investigating autism 1 None
2010-01-29 UCLA's non-invasive pre-surgical testing approach leads to seizure-free surgical outcome in TSC patients 0 None
2010-01-29 AccuDial Pharmaceutical introduces eight new OTC medications in Canada 0 4
2010-01-29 RTI Biologics donates Matrix HD to treat eight-year-old with recessive dystrophic EB 0 None
2010-01-29 Ongoing parenting is necessary to improve children's food choices 0 5
2010-01-28 Findings demonstrate direct correlation between improved air quality and pediatric ear infections 0 None
2010-01-28 Rotavirus vaccine could save millions of children in developing countries, studies find 0 None
2010-01-28 Jeffrey Modell Foundation urges government to implement SCID screening for all newborns 0 None
2010-01-28 UNICEF and IZA launch “Zinc Saves Kids” campaign 0 None
2010-01-28 Avonworth Middle School commended for its efforts to boost physical activity among students 0 None
2010-01-28 Study shows cooling technique in heart operations does not impair neurological outcomes in children 0 None
2010-01-28 Centering Healthcare Institute receives the Cares Award for its CenteringPregnancy Group Prenatal Care program 0 None
2010-01-28 Phthalate exposure can affect child's neurobehavioral development, says study 0 5
2010-01-28 Health education programmes can help parents recognise healthy weight for their children 0 None
2010-01-28 U.S. study finds improved mortality outcomes for children with rheumatic diseases 0 None
2010-01-28 Heavy backpacks can increase back pain in children 0 5
2010-01-28 Research shows even mild to moderate kidney disease may diminish child's quality of life 0 4
2010-01-28 Canada to 'champion' major G8 initiative to tackle maternal, child mortality 0 None
2010-01-28 Children with cancer are treated with proton therapy at ProCure Proton Therapy Center 0 5
2010-01-27 Large research gap exists in effectiveness, mechanism and safety of drugs in children 0 None
2010-01-27 Positive results from Supernus Pharmaceuticals' SPN 810 Phase IIa trial for ADHD 0 None
2010-01-27 Pediatricians need to refer children with suspected delays for further testing or treatment and follow up 0 None
2010-01-27 Study finds direct link between parental support and children’s physical activity 0 None
2010-01-27 New research project aims at understanding the genetic origins of childhood cancers 0 None
2010-01-27 Montana DPHHS approves Rethink Autism to provide services as part of Children's Autism Waiver 0 None
2010-01-27 Factors linked to duration of breastfeeding period 0 None
2010-01-27 Cinergy Health creates five steps to reduce childhood obesity 0 1
2010-01-27 Selective use of DHCA during surgery for CHD in infancy does not impair neurological outcomes 0 None
2010-01-27 Majority of inuit preschoolers live in food-insufficient households 0 None
2010-01-27 AAN guideline finds diazepam drug is effective for treating children with cerebral palsy 0 None
2010-01-27 Obese children face increased risk of stroke and heart disease 0 None
2010-01-27 Fetal and infant mortality rate in inuit-inhabited areas higher than rest of Canada 0 None
2010-01-27 Over 125M pregnant women worldwide exposed to malaria annually, study finds 0 None
2010-01-27 Curemark commences CM-AT Phase III autism clinical trial enrollment at ten sites 0 None
2010-01-25 NTNU: 40% of two-year-olds report allergy-related disorders 0 None
2010-01-25 Ambidextrous children more likely to have ADHD symptoms 0 None
2010-01-25 Dermatological nuisance caused by toilet seats making a comeback in pediatricians' offices 0 None
2010-01-25 Labeled menus may lead to reduced calorie intake in children 0 None
2010-01-24 Save The Children visits Haiti's earthquake zone to ensure children's safety 1 None
2010-01-23 Study of 16INK4A gene's role in progression of retinoblastoma 0 None
2010-01-23 First Hybrid Cath Lab in Louisiana at Tulane Hospital for Children 0 None
2010-01-23 Vaccination for children: Pros and cons 1 3.8
2010-01-23 Tips to combat childhood obesity 1 None
2010-01-23 Heart murmurs in pediatric patients is not a serious condition, says physician 0 5
2010-01-22 Connecticut extends contract with ValueOptions to administer behavioral health services to young people 0 None
2010-01-22 Simple, five minute saliva test to determine baby's risk for more than 100 life-threatening genetic diseases 0 5
2010-01-22 Pediatric hospitals can decrease bloodstream infections following low-tech rules 0 None
2010-01-22 Researchers to study the impact of asthma on sleep and academic performance of young children 0 None
2010-01-22 Infants born to child brides have higher risk of malnutrition than children born to older mothers 0 None
2010-01-22 Consistent pattern of cognitive deficits during childhood leads to adult schizophrenia 0 None
2010-01-22 Doctor offers tips for parents on how to speak with children about disasters 0 None
2010-01-21 One-third of parents give primary schools an ‘A’; less than one-fourth give secondary schools an ‘A’ 0 None
2010-01-21 CPSC warns manufacturers against the use of heavy metals in children's jewelry 0 None
2010-01-21 PHS offers interactive exercise program for school children to combat childhood obesity 0 None
2010-01-21 New research suggests prolong breastfeeding is critical for reducing risk of gastroenteritis in infants 0 None
2010-01-21 Congress urged to stop child maltreatment deaths 1 5
2010-01-21 Obesity in pregnant women is associated with increased risk of birth defects 0 None
2010-01-21 FORBA Holdings to pay $24M for resolving Medicaid fraud allegations 0 None
2010-01-21 Blue Cross Blue Shield accepts grant proposals from elementary schools to reduce childhood obesity 0 None
2010-01-21 New review highlights risks and benefits of fluoride toothpaste in young children 2 None
2010-01-21 Circumcising newborn males cost effective strategy for HIV prevention, Rwandan study finds 0 None
2010-01-20 New study may help develop assessment tests in social-emotional learning 0 5
2010-01-20 OAC calls for health insurance coverage of USPTF recommended childhood obesity treatments 0 None
2010-01-20 Parents advised to use fluoridated toothpaste to prevent tooth decay in their children 0 None
2010-01-20 Arts-based program identifies safety needs of children from low-income communities 0 4
2010-01-20 Prenatal exposure to PBDEs associated with neurodevelopmental effects in young children 0 None
2010-01-20 Children from low SES environment may be at risk for numerous health problems in future 0 None
2010-01-20 Human-milk diet nourishes very low-birth-weight preterm infants in NICU 0 None
2010-01-20 World Vision warns children are vulnerable to various forms of exploitation following Haiti’s quake 0 None
2010-01-20 St. Louis Children's Hospital installs Siemens' SOMATOM Definition AS CT scanner 0 None
2010-01-20 New analysis reveals high rates of CNS disorders in autistic children 0 None
2010-01-19 A novel approach for funding children's genetic disease research 0 5
2010-01-19 Open heart surgery without any blood transfusion on a 2-year-old with complex blue baby syndrome 1 4.9
2010-01-19 Learning Lab of Brentwood conducts a series of monthly presentations on ADHD 0 None
2010-01-19 Complications associated with pediatric cochlear implants are not rare and can often be delayed 0 None
2010-01-19 Humanitarian group's response targets vulnerable women and children in Haiti 0 5
2010-01-19 Voice abnormalities in cochlear implants will improve over time, says study 0 None
2010-01-19 Adverse childhood experiences are associated with increased risk of lung cancer 0 None
2010-01-19 Foresters renews commitment as the international underwriter of Children’s Miracle Network’s Radiothon program 0 None
2010-01-18 Link between dystrophin gene and age of cardiac disease onset in BMD patients identified 0 None
2010-01-18 Flexpoint to develop infant bed cover using patented Bend Sensor® design 0 None
2010-01-18 Environmental health groups call for ban on BPA from all food applications 0 None
2010-01-18 Class action law suit filed on behalf of children with autism against ELARC 1 None
2010-01-18 Common head injury not taken seriously 0 None
2010-01-18 EMA PDCO grants specific waivers for Gamida Cell-Teva JV's StemEx study in paediatric patients 0 None
2010-01-18 Federal survey shows more than 6.7 million children in the United States have no health insurance 0 None
2010-01-18 Longer breastfeeding can prevent postnatal HIV transmission 0 None
2010-01-18 FDA admits concern, but does not ban BPA: Consumers Union disappointed 0 None
2010-01-18 AP, IRIN examine lawsuit challenging Plumpy'nut patent 0 None
2010-01-14 New tools to assess daily stress amongst schoolchildren 0 None
2010-01-13 CAN DO Houston expands childhood obesity initiative with major grant 0 None
2010-01-13 Research shows missing, mutated genes occur simultaneously in unique set of pediatric brain tumors 0 None
2010-01-13 Study recommends improvements for scaling up child survival programs 0 5
2010-01-13 RWJF awards multi-year grants to 41 communities to reverse childhood obesity epidemic by 2015 0 None
2010-01-13 UNICEF program aimed at curbing deaths in West Africa falls short of goals, study finds 0 None
2010-01-12 Health Press NA releases new children’s bibliotherapy book on separation anxiety 0 None
2010-01-12 Curemark retains Rubenstein Public Relations 0 None
2010-01-12 Lead even below level "of concern" for children may impair kidney function 0 None
2010-01-12 15% of parents still experience post traumatic stress disorder six months after child's injury 0 None
2010-01-12 Functional disconnection between brain regions in ADHD children 0 None
2010-01-12 New hand-held device eliminates technical challenges involved in imaging progressive ROP in infants 0 None
2010-01-12 Flawed medical research could lead to children receiving treatment that either does not work or is harmful 1 None
2010-01-12 Positive results from KemPharm's KP106 Phase 1 clinical trial for ADHD 0 None
2010-01-12 Study suggests friendship can provide an alternative to eating and help promote active lifestyles 0 None
2010-01-11 Study demonstrates benefits of allergen immunotherapy for children with allergic rhinitis 0 None
2010-01-11 Common brain tumour in children can arise from stem cells 0 None
2010-01-09 Time frame for parents to begin toilet training lessons for children 0 None
2010-01-09 Today's opinions and editorials 0 None
2010-01-08 Critically ill children with flu-like symptoms should be treated preemptively with antiviral medications 0 None
2010-01-07 Additional birth weight decreases risk of developing tuberculosis later in life 0 None
2010-01-07 UAB issues updated guidelines for childhood and teen immunization schedule 0 None
2010-01-07 Tel Aviv University finds Mozart's music induces weight gain in premature babies 0 4.5
2010-01-07 New system that reduces ADHD symptoms in children to be rolled out across the UK 1 None
2010-01-07 E-The Environmental Magazine: Environmental toxicity drives up autism rates 0 None
2010-01-07 New study reveals music therapy can aid in children's speech acquisition process 0 5
2010-01-07 Survivors of pediatric cancer at greater risk for cardiovascular disease 0 None
2010-01-07 Child abuse and neglect can increase when families are under stress 0 None
2010-01-06 New research shows breast milk is not as important for mother or child's health 3 2.6
2010-01-06 British Medical Journal: Mandometer used in Swedish program helps obese children lose weight 0 5
2010-01-06 Most of world's 13m preterm births occur in Africa, Asia 0 None
2010-01-05 Changes to children's health care and education policies required for California's economic competitiveness 0 None
2010-01-05 Study confirms link between GI and autism 0 2
2010-01-05 Ben-Gurion University researcher defines integrated interpretation of ASD 0 None
2010-01-05 Autism Speaks lauds recommendations for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of GI in ASD children 0 None
2010-01-05 Highlights of January 2010 'Ophthalmology' 0 5
2010-01-05 Children’s vaccination coverage rises substantially in U.S. 0 None
2010-01-05 CCNI announces grant for daycare providers 0 None
2010-01-05 Study examines relationship between parental vaccine refusal and risk of varicella infection in children 0 None
2010-01-04 Judy Gelinas recommends parents to follow three health care practices for children in 2010 0 None


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