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2010-02-27 Unexplained, sudden anemia: Brown recluse spider bite 0 4
2010-02-27 Bioethics expert: Parents should be allowed to use selective reproduction in choosing future child's gender 0 None
2010-02-27 Health Policy Research Roundup: Length of hospital stays, analyses of Obama's reform proposals 0 None
2010-02-26 Mutations in MeCP2 cause autism spectrum disorder Rett Syndrome 0 3.5
2010-02-26 Creators of Milk Mustache "got milk?" Campaign toast Let's Move! program 0 None
2010-02-26 Baby Angels Foundation established to support bereaved parents in Minnesota and western Wisconsin 0 None
2010-02-26 Over 16% of pregnant women diagnosed with gestational diabetes 0 None
2010-02-26 Possible damage to children caused by compulsory vaccines: CVS calls for investigation of federal agencies 0 None
2010-02-26 AST now offers programs and services to treat children with developmental disorders 0 None
2010-02-26 Fetuses exposed to high levels of stress hormone may have solving problems later on: Study 0 None
2010-02-26 Maternal sensitivity may influence language development among children in early stages of autism 0 None
2010-02-26 BPA exposure during pregnancy may cause permanent reproduction problems for female offspring 0 None
2010-02-25 New research using MRI shows that childhood stress can lead to structural brain changes 0 5
2010-02-25 CHOP and AIAM collaborate to develop more accurate child crash test dummies 0 None
2010-02-25 YoNaturals' healthy nutrition agenda could help combat childhood obesity 0 None
2010-02-25 Nevirapine taken to protect fetus from HIV should be avoided for one year after childbirth, say researchers 0 None
2010-02-25 Arterial ischemic stroke in children often go unrecognized, and the strokes can recur 0 5
2010-02-25 Deciphering babies' cries: Hope for new parents 0 None
2010-02-25 FDA approves Pfizer's Prevnar 13 pneumococcal conjugate vaccine 0 None
2010-02-24 Enzon Pharmaceuticals initiates treatment in PEG-SN38 Phase 1 study for pediatric cancer patients 0 None
2010-02-24 FDA approves Wyeth Pharmaceuticals' Prevnar 13 pneumococcal disease vaccine 0 None
2010-02-24 Genetic test for autism: Transgenomic licenses exclusive intellectual property from IntegraGen 0 None
2010-02-24 Frozen/thawed ovarian tissue transplant: Woman has two children from separate pregnancies 0 None
2010-02-24 Women who become pregnant with single foetus after IVF/ICSI have increased risk of stillbirth 0 None
2010-02-24 New report identifies enormous global impact of preterm birth and stillbirth 0 4
2010-02-24 Prochymal achieves response rate of 63% when used as rescue therapy in children suffering from GvHD 0 None
2010-02-24 Early implantation of cochlear devices in deaf children leads to better overall quality of life 0 None
2010-02-24 New non-neurotoxic treatment for head lice in children 1 None
2010-02-24 ELARC terminates DIR for children with autism: Court orders reinstatement 0 5
2010-02-24 ACS re-verifies Saint Marys Hospital and Mayo Eugenio Litta Children’s Hospital as Level 1 trauma centers 0 None
2010-02-24 CCEI gives opportunity to child care professionals to support childhood obesity campaign 0 None
2010-02-24 Treadmill intervention may benefit infants with prenatal complications 0 None
2010-02-24 Research addresses preterm birth, stillbirth health issues, highlights preventive interventions 0 None
2010-02-24 GW report: Asthma is on the rise in America and more than 1M children with asthma not insured 0 None
2010-02-24 Alliance Biosciences to provide engineering and biosafety guidance for Nyumbani's HIV/TB diagnostic facility 0 None
2010-02-23 Dental checkup before first baby tooth appears may help a lifetime of preventive dental care 0 None
2010-02-23 Connecticut policy makers providing cost effective dental care to children, says report 0 None
2010-02-23 Prevention of preterm birth and stillbirth: Global collaborative efforts needed 0 None
2010-02-23 Dental health needs of children: Louisiana receives failing grade 0 None
2010-02-23 Improving health care quality for children: HHS Secretary announces $100M grant to explore new technologies 0 None
2010-02-23 Pennsylvania fails to address children's dental needs: Pew Report 0 None
2010-02-23 Florida among nine states to receive F grade in children's dental health: Pew Report 0 None
2010-02-23 Pew Center on the States report finds Colorado on track in addressing dental health needs of children 0 None
2010-02-23 Also in global health news: Infant, maternal mortality in N. Korea; malaria in Cambodia; Zambia PEPFAR program; Pakistan's anti-polio campaign; U.N. Ambassador responds to Somalia; Myanmar refugees 0 None
2010-02-23 Excessive weight gain during pregnancy linked to increased risk of gestational diabetes 0 None
2010-02-23 Free dental services to children at the Cunningham Elementary School campus 0 None
2010-02-23 Global report identifies causes leading to preterm births and stillbirths 0 None
2010-02-23 Role of behavioral health in pediatric IBD: NIHCD awards $500,000 grant to further study 0 None
2010-02-23 Melamine-contaminated dairy products leave 12% children with kidney abnormalities 0 None
2010-02-23 Medical test for aging adults could be helpful in determining infants’ intestinal conditions 0 None
2010-02-22 FDA grants Fast Track designation for Curemark's CM-AT autism treatment 0 None
2010-02-22 UIC researchers receive federal grant to study effects of TV media on children’s health outcomes 0 None
2010-02-22 Researchers use new technology to reveal different genetic patterns of neuroblastoma 0 5
2010-02-22 Choking among children: AAP releases new policy statement 0 None
2010-02-22 The Children's House agrees to provide services for children with asthma 0 None
2010-02-22 Early Cochlear implantation removes word-learning skill defects in deaf children 0 2
2010-02-22 Children born through assisted reproduction at greater risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes related defects 0 None
2010-02-22 Cash-strapped school districts are making mistake by cutting music from K-12 curriculum: Neuroscientist 0 5
2010-02-22 Let babies sleep: Napping supports abstract learning 0 5
2010-02-20 Ten tennis celebrities to participate in IV Annual Tennis ProAm event to benefit Walk Now For Autism 0 4.5
2010-02-20 Health worker training program cuts stillbirths by 30% in 6 developing countries, study says 0 None
2010-02-20 Obama Administration releases details of over $400M Healthy Food Financing Initiative 0 None
2010-02-19 USPTO grants SPO Medical innovative baby heart rate monitoring patent 0 None
2010-02-19 Group B streptococcus may have significant public health implications: Study 0 None
2010-02-19 MEMC Foundation donates $25,000 to MFK to save lives of Haiti's malnourished children 0 None
2010-02-19 Training birth attendants in essential newborn-care techniques reduce stillbirths by 30%: Study 0 None
2010-02-19 Obama administration nominates former Clinton adviser to lead UNICEF 0 None
2010-02-19 NLC launches new project in partnership with FMS to reverse childhood obesity epidemic 0 None
2010-02-19 New resource for parents to combat childhood obesity 0 None
2010-02-18 Training birth attendants in essential newborn-care techniques can reduce perinatal deaths 0 5
2010-02-18 Training in newborn care and resuscitation to birth attendants increases likelihood of baby's survival 0 None
2010-02-18 Latino parents with asthmatic child more likely to quit smoking: Study 0 None
2010-02-18 First lady Michelle Obama announces Let's Move! campaign against childhood obesity 1 None
2010-02-18 Pediatric patients face number of cardiac conditions that can impact their health 0 None
2010-02-18 Tips for Parenting ADHD Kids: Free seminar to educate and support parents of children with ADHD 2 None
2010-02-18 Researchers establish Canadian norms for diagnosing FASD 0 None
2010-02-18 PerkinElmer expands fetal, maternal and neonatal health screening capability in India 0 None
2010-02-18 PDA emphasizes the importance of developing healthy teeth and gums at early age 0 None
2010-02-18 Feeding preterm infants in response to hunger and satiation cues may allow earlier hospital discharge 0 5
2010-02-17 Domino's Pizza raises $2M during 2009 Thanks and Giving campaign for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 0 4
2010-02-17 Infants and toddlers face increase risk from 'third-hand smoke' 0 None
2010-02-17 Rate of chronic health conditions among children in the U.S. increased from 12.8% to 26.6% 0 5
2010-02-17 RWJF awards nearly $2M in grants to address childhood obesity epidemic 0 None
2010-02-17 NASBE selects four states to receive grants to fight childhood obesity in their public schools 0 None
2010-02-17 ACHF receives $2.5M as gift from KCCFA in support of childhood cancer research 0 None
2010-02-17 High-fat ketogenic diet safe and effective for controlling childhood seizures 0 None
2010-02-17 Delayed introduction of complementary baby foods may influence weight: Study 0 None
2010-02-17 Bedford Laboratories launches Indomethacin for Injection 0 None
2010-02-17 Special issue reviews current state of science in fetal therapy 0 None
2010-02-16 Childhood obesity: Strongest predictor of premature death 0 5
2010-02-16 SELmedia releases evidence-based program that helps HFA kids develop social skills 0 None
2010-02-16 Circumcision: Risky by untrained providers with inappropriate equipment 1 1
2010-02-16 Nascent symptoms of autism in infants emerge during latter part of first year of life 0 None
2010-02-16 Over 96% of SIDS cases due to known risk factors 0 None
2010-02-16 'Crowding' helps see things better 0 5
2010-02-16 Rite Aid raised more than $5.1M in 2009 for Children's Miracle Network hospitals 0 None
2010-02-15 Researchers identify potential therapeutic targets for treatment of neuroblastoma 0 None
2010-02-15 Two families having premature baby visit White House to share their inspiring stories with President Obama 0 None
2010-02-15 Discharged VAD implanted pediatric patient receives successful heart transplant after eight months 0 None
2010-02-15 Plagiocephaly babies need to be screened and monitored early in life for possible cognitive, motor delays 0 5
2010-02-15 Hypnosis has potential therapeutic value in children with respiratory disorders 0 None
2010-02-15 NNDS, SlateXP raise over $75,000 to help children in partnership with UMPS CARE Charities 0 1
2010-02-12 Learning Lab of Brentwood to present free seminar on ADHD in Brentwood 0 None
2010-02-12 United Airlines to deliver teddy bears to kids undergoing cancer treatment across the country 0 None
2010-02-12 Parents often recognize signs of asthma in their children but delay home treatment: Report 0 None
2010-02-12 Measures to tackle school avoidance in children 0 4
2010-02-12 First FDA-approved umbilical cord blood stem cells infusion trial in children with cerebral palsy 0 4
2010-02-12 FKF receives funds to launch Fragile Kids Partner Program 0 None
2010-02-11 Study suggests obesity prevention efforts should begin much earlier 0 None
2010-02-11 Daiichi Sankyo's Benicar receives FDA approval for hypertension treatment in children and adolescents aged 6-16 0 None
2010-02-11 Winter Sports: Tips on proper training, and prevention of injuries and concussions 0 None
2010-02-11 Innocence Report calls for new approach to sex ed that respects sovereignty of family 0 4.5
2010-02-11 Eczema in early childhood may influence behavior and mental health later in life 0 None
2010-02-11 ALSF commemorates "a decade of standing for hope" by holding high profile lemonade stands 0 None
2010-02-11 Researchers investigate risk factors for childhood obesity 0 None
2010-02-11 Current research underway to prevent preterm births 1 None
2010-02-11 Preterm birth: Pre-pregnancy obesity and gestational weight gain increase risk 0 None
2010-02-11 New sensory tools for younger children 0 5
2010-02-11 Eczema can lead to behavioral and psychological problems in children 0 None
2010-02-11 Mental health 'bible' starts revamp with new terminology, diagnoses 0 None
2010-02-10 Cardiology 2010 conference focuses on current treatments for children with heart disease 0 None
2010-02-10 Contraceptive sex education and 'empowerment' for ten-year-old children 0 5
2010-02-10 New research sheds light on the negative impact that food product placements in movies could have on children 0 5
2010-02-10 Restricted fetal growth during first trimester linked to maternal high blood pressure and hematocrit levels 0 None
2010-02-10 New campaign against childhood obesity: AACE lauds First Lady's efforts 0 None
2010-02-10 Exposure to unhealthy food commercials linked to childhood obesity 0 None
2010-02-10 Measles vaccine does not increase risk of autism in children, reveals Polish study 0 None
2010-02-10 Children with depressive symptoms may have greater affinity for sweets, says study 0 None
2010-02-10 Maternal obesity increases offspring's risk of developing inflammation-related disorders 0 None
2010-02-10 Study indicates children's exposure to secondhand smoke has decreased markedly since mid-nineties 0 None
2010-02-10 New filtration process to improve safety and quality of infant formula 0 None
2010-02-10 Acupuncture: An effective pain management therapy for pediatric patients 0 1
2010-02-10 Drinking milk during pregnancy can protect baby against multiple sclerosis 0 None
2010-02-10 Disney participates in 'Let’s Move' campaign to promote nutrition and healthy lifestyles for kids and families 0 2
2010-02-10 Six months old infants know when we're "playing" them 1 None
2010-02-09 AMA supports initiative to combat childhood obesity 0 None
2010-02-09 RWJF announces grant to promote healthy eating and active lifestyle among children and families 0 None
2010-02-09 Whooping cough vaccine may be losing its punch: study 0 5
2010-02-09 Youth Empowered leadership conference brings students together to join fight against hunger 0 5
2010-02-09 New tool may help standardize use of CT scans in children with minor head injuries 0 None
2010-02-09 Cedars-Sinai Medical Center receives $300,000 grant for program delivering healthcare to underserved children 0 None
2010-02-09 Advanced paternal age increases autism risk only when the mother is younger 0 5
2010-02-09 Researchers study link between premature births and cerebral palsy 0 None
2010-02-09 60% of pregnant women never tested for CHD 0 2
2010-02-08 MCGHealth Children's Medical Center installs new playground to promote physical and occupational therapy 0 None
2010-02-08 WHO Growth Charts recommended for monitoring growth of Canadian children 0 None
2010-02-08 Excessive TV viewing, lack of sleep and low frequency of family meals increases risk of childhood obesity 0 5
2010-02-08 Mutation in alpha tectorin gene causes progressive childhood deafness 0 None
2010-02-06 Cervical length screening may reduce preterm births 0 None
2010-02-06 Increased risk of intrauterine fetal death in women with fibroids 0 None
2010-02-05 CREON effective in improving CFA and CNA in pediatric patients with EPI due to CF 0 None
2010-02-05 Recent releases in Global Health 0 None
2010-02-05 EBMT honours abstract on Defibrotide in Hepatic VOD prevention with the Van Bekkum Award 0 None
2010-02-05 Exposure to agricultural chemical atrazine linked to birth defect gastroschisis 0 None
2010-02-05 World Heart consortium awarded $5.6M NIH contract for developing PediaFlow VAD 0 None
2010-02-05 Implanted ventricular assist heart pump for infants project awarded $5.6M federal contract 0 None
2010-02-05 Researchers may have discovered how hormone progesterone prevents preterm birth 0 None
2010-02-05 NHLBI awarded four contracts to test new devices to help children with congenital heart defects 0 None
2010-02-05 Relationship between HIV-infected children and their caregivers is crucial for child’s development 0 None
2010-02-05 Opinions: G8 and maternal, child mortality; rebuilding Haiti 0 None
2010-02-05 Study suggests sensitive children are more likely to do well when raised in supportive environments 0 5
2010-02-05 Study finds high levels of depression among children abused in the first five years of their lives 0 None
2010-02-05 Early stage trial finds malaria vaccine effectively protected young children, study says 0 None
2010-02-05 Children exposed to acetaminophen prenatally more likely to have asthma symptoms at age five 0 None
2010-02-04 Secretaries to release new report on children’s health insurance 0 None
2010-02-04 Ohio undertakes statewide initiative to reduce early scheduled births 0 None
2010-02-04 Genes of mother and fetus linked to risk of preterm labor and birth 0 None
2010-02-04 Anomalies causing motivational deficiencies may also cause ADHD 0 5
2010-02-04 Regular physical activity prevents chronic illness: Surgeon General urged to make outdoor time a health priority 0 5
2010-02-04 Vaccination against seasonal influenza produces protective immune response in infants 0 None
2010-02-04 Researchers use 3D ultrasound methods to predict pre-term birth 0 5
2010-02-04 DNA variants in mother and fetus can increase risk of preterm labor 0 None
2010-02-04 UTMB: Mother's exposure to BPA increases risks of asthma in her children 0 None
2010-02-04 Study could lead to non-surgical alternatives for tonsillectomies 0 None
2010-02-04 GKAS volunteers provide free dental care for children 0 None
2010-02-04 Despite improvements, aid delivery bottlenecks persist in Haiti 0 None
2010-02-04 New vaccine to prevent malaria infection shown promise to protect young children 0 None
2010-02-03 New study compares two treatment options for clubfoot - Ponseti method and surgical treatment 0 5
2010-02-03 New resources to support Teva Pharmaceutical Industries' Tjet injector system now available 0 None
2010-02-03 Study linking autism and vaccines is retracted by medical journal 0 None
2010-02-03 Decreased levels in brainstem of serotonin associated with increased risk for SIDS 0 None
2010-02-03 NCA awards over $10M for development and implementation of multi-disciplinary approach to child abuse 0 None
2010-02-03 PATH to pay FDA $480,000 to speed creation of pneumococcal vaccine for developing world 0 None
2010-02-02 Kool Smiles takes initiative to support children's oral care in Massachusetts 0 5
2010-02-02 Minimally invasive living donor liver retrieval for pediatric transplant 0 None
2010-02-02 New approach may help in fighting Cerebral Palsy 0 None
2010-02-02 Study compares common treatment options for infants born with clubfoot 0 None
2010-02-02 MEND Program: Effective treatment for pediatric obesity 0 None
2010-02-02 Self-directed learning program may benefit parents with autistic children 0 5
2010-02-02 Gene mutation can trigger preterm births, says study 0 2.5
2010-02-02 PET for children: CHOP-Penn researchers study reduction in radiation dosage 0 None
2010-02-02 Finger and thumb injuries account for majority of pediatric traumatic amputations 0 5
2010-02-02 MCADD screening is expensive but offers immense health benefits 0 None
2010-02-02 Shire announces the Canadian availability of VYVANSE prodrug therapy for ADHD treatment 1 None
2010-02-01 Survey: Medicaid beats private insurance when it comes to prevention 0 None
2010-02-01 U-M study finds increased body fat in boys is associated with later onset of puberty 0 None
2010-02-01 Children of Spanish-speaking Hispanic mothers spend less time in front of TV 0 None
2010-02-01 Denim blue jeans ribbon campaign: an initiative to raise awareness about children with rare diseases 0 5
2010-02-01 Cochlear implantation enables quality of life equal to normal hearing peers 0 5
2010-02-01 Study analyzes relationship between parents' and children’s' dental visits 0 None


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