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2005-06-28 Forensic use of tandem mass-spectroscopy detects links between banknotes and drugs 0 None
2005-06-27 New clues about the location of genes potentially involved in the most common type of lung cancer 0 None
2005-06-27 Harmonic scalpel could reduce operative time and blood loss in patients 0 None
2005-06-27 New low-cost technology that allows thousands of tumor slices to be screened side-by-side 0 None
2005-06-21 PNNL ScalaBLAST may be used to process complex genomic sequences 0 None
2005-06-21 Textiles with permanent antibacterial properties 0 None
2005-06-21 Speech recognition by humanoid robot in real environment 0 None
2005-06-21 CSIRO hyperspectral imaging software can be used by pharmaceutical companies for production line quality assurance 0 None
2005-06-21 Software that automatically assesses a drug's effect on nerve cells 0 None
2005-06-21 New research tool replicates extreme environmental conditions to help understand the human body's response to everyday stresses 0 None
2005-06-20 Computer program that enhances the diagnostic accuracy of positron emission tomography (PET) 0 None
2005-06-20 Faulty defibrillators may mean surgery for thousands of cardiac patients 0 None
2005-06-16 Pioneering new technology helps ease dementia 0 None
2005-06-14 Holographic movies show promise for medical applications 0 None
2005-06-14 Strategic analysis of the European regional anaesthesia kits market 0 None
2005-06-14 New technology developed at Cornell University could make it just as easy to identify genes 0 None
2005-06-13 Simple scan of your finger could save your life 0 None
2005-06-10 Digital mammography no better than traditional film X-rays in the ability to detect cases of breast cancer 0 None
2005-06-09 Pillcam enables Jefferson Physicians to diagnose diseases of esophagus without using endoscope 0 None
2005-06-09 New start-up to market test that predicts heart attack risk 0 None
2005-06-09 Tooth whiteners that could enhance teeth's natural healing ability 0 None
2005-06-08 New device has the potential to significantly reduce sequencing of the human genome 0 None
2005-06-08 Eyeballs substituted for a passkey or a fingerprint 0 None
2005-06-08 Healthcare IT approaching the tipping point 0 None
2005-06-06 World first air purification technology for H5N1 Avian Influenza 0 None
2005-06-03 New generation of lenses makes evolutionary leap in eliminating need for glasses 0 None
2005-06-03 High-tech imaging software locates more accurately the abnormal electrical impulses that produce heart arrhythmias 0 None
2005-06-01 Convenient and non-invasive breath analyzer detects lung cancer 0 None
2005-06-01 Go-ahead for HIV computer game 0 None


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