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2006-01-27 Oocyte cryopreservation - allows women to freeze their eggs 0 None
2006-01-27 Computers estimate emotions 0 None
2006-01-26 New biochip predicts evolution of inflammatory bowel disease 0 None
2006-01-25 Continuous positive airways pressure for obstructive sleep apnoea in adults 0 None
2006-01-25 Boston Scientific and Guidant to merge 0 None
2006-01-24 Faster method for detecting disease-causing mutations developed by Pitt researchers 0 None
2006-01-23 Rush University Medical Center to use new stent specifically designed for use in the brain to reduce the threat of stroke 0 None
2006-01-23 Chemical warfare agent detection technology used to treat lung disease 0 None
2006-01-23 New real-time test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea 0 None
2006-01-23 Faculty of 1000 Medicine launched by BioMed Central 0 None
2006-01-23 Robot designed to shoot X-ray video of sufferers of orthopedic injuries as they walk 0 None
2006-01-19 Pitt team develop wireless treatment for depression, seizures 0 None
2006-01-18 Lab-on-chip can detect bird flu in humans 0 None
2006-01-18 Handheld Doppler ultrasound technology finds veins quickly 1 None
2006-01-18 Results of a five-year study on peripherally inserted catheters 0 None
2006-01-11 New disability website launched 0 None
2006-01-10 FDA approves jaw joint prosthetic developed by University of Pennsylvania 0 3
2006-01-10 New web resource provides easy access to global health data 0 None
2006-01-09 Polyphosphate speeds blood clotting and helps clots last longer 0 None
2006-01-06 Self-exploding microcapsules for smart drug delivery 0 None


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